Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf (1.0)

MOD Desc

Watch out it’s Shia Labeouf!
This mod adds a new incident to the game – ‘Shia Surprise’. A wild Shia will immediately attack your colony, he carries a unique bloody axe which he will not hessitate to use on your colonists.
While he may not prove a threat to well established colonies his armor and high melee stat should not be taken lightly. Brave colonist may even attempt to capture your own Shia. What you do with him is up to you but bewarned he is notoriously hard to recruit.

But where’s the music?
It’s a copy-righted song so I’m not uploading it to the workshop.
However if you do happen to own a copy of the song, you can add it by replacing the shia.wav found in the ‘/Sounds’ folder for this mod.

This event can be manually initiated through the debug menu under incidents if you feel impatient.

If this reference is lost on you, checkout the video above.

Author’s Note: All credit for original development of this mod goes to Sectoid. I just updated this mod for 1.0 with their permission. In addition i have made Shia a tad more deadly in this 1.0 edition.

*Users are reporting issues with Combat Extended, treat this as non-compatible.*

The ideas solid, your group whether that be a spaceship crew crashed, a tribe, or even a sole survivor with a dog are stranded and against the odds need to survive. After you have procured all your needed resources you start to think a bit bigger. Food is commonly a saught after resource and planning for the next seasons is neccessary but eventually you will grow the ability to explore.

Some people may aim to escape the dreadful planet on a rocket ship, either by building one or traveling to a remote location far away. While others may enjoy anywhere from primitive to advanced ways of peaceful living.
If you wanted to you could become a colonizer and literally dominate an entire world with your populace.
Or instead you could choose to be a raiding group and do nothing but murder everything in your bloody path. Carful though, those giraff looking things WILL RIP YOUR ARMS OFF! thats ok though, just get a surgeon to sew them back on, or someone elses limbs…Or a a shiny new metal one! But wait, what if you dont want to do any of those things.
I just want to be a hermit in the woods with a bear as a pet. Well its ok, because you can do that too.
The vast arrangements of stories to be had here really is considerably limitless.
I love this game, and you can too. The price is up there a little but realisticly compaired to tripple A games, the gameplay here is worth three of them and their selling at $80 – $90 a pop!
DO yourself the favour if your looking to buy a great game and even partially considering Rimworld, buy it!

On a side note:
I just Nominated Rimworld for its rightful ‘Labour of Love’ title.
This Game was released quite a few years ago and I have done nothing but whatch it become amazing!
It started that way, and that was the key. Everything since then has just been deliciouse iceing!
I hope the developers of Rimworld benefit from such nominations.

In quick summary, RimWorld is a singleplayer sci-fi (western?) top-down simulation game.

Involving a variety of management genres (combat, construction, crafting, etc), this game is heavily reliant on strategic planning and decision-making for survival.

The typical game progresses as such:
RecoverDuring any of these steps, you’ll sometimes find yourself having to deal with random events, such as:
Power failure
Mad animals
And quite a few others
Games are never (in-detail) the same. You’ll always have different terrain, enemies, and situations to deal with.

FeaturesUnique character generation
Intimate detail for pre-generated stories/backgrounds
Fine-tuned combat statistics
Realistic injuries/health
Colonists require psychological cares, such as:
Adequately nice and clean living environment
Positive social interactionWide variety of construction material, weaponry, and animal life
Human (and mechanical!) enemies
An entire randomly generated world to explore
And a many other things I’m excluding in the sake of review length
Pros:Great AI for your own colonists as well as enemies
Massive modding community for replayability
Multiple ways of reaching the end of the game
Rather helpful play-along tutorial/tips GUI
Cons:Updates are slow, and typically break mods (you’ll be waiting for mod updates, as well)
Lack of ‘official’ content makes the vanilla game repetitive after some time
Sometimes I find myself growing attached to characters, and not because they’re wielding expensive bionic modifications to their anatomy. It’s as if you’re really next to them, watching them go through the troubles of war, pain, tragedy, and suffering. Feels good, man.

I think the game is worth $30.

(Note: As long as RimWorld updates, this review may change.)

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