Chickens Efficient Light

MOD Desc
Lowers power consumption of standing lamps from 30 to 20.
Also changed the radius of the Lamp by 1 Field and lowered the consumption of the Sunlamp by roughly 30% from 2900 to 2000.
Sunlamps also do not short circuit in the rain anymore.

Mod Version 1.0.1

This Mod is based on the Mod from Rimfire since he did not want to continue his mod anymore.

I recommend this game, but don’t go in blind. If you have seen the gameplay and know what you are getting into then you will most definitely enjoy it at least a fair bit. My caution is due to the reasoning that you will either enjoy this game or you will not, there exists very little inbetween for the type of game present here and i write this as someone who falls into the fringe of liking it. Rimworld is Don’t Starve meets the Sims and if you like either of those games then you should get a fair amount of mileage out of this game. if you look at many of the reviews you will notice that for those who like it this game is an incredible time sink. It is a dry game that requires a long time investment on the part of the player to see much return. I write this review for anyone who is thinking about picking this up without looking into the game because, while it is probably the most enjoyable game in the survival management sim category, this type of game is most certainly not for everyone. I like this game, but there are several things that prevent me from loving it, with most social interactions being exceptionally limited in scope and type. While I describe it as a blend of Don’t Starve and the Sims i have a greater preference for the sims. All in all a great game, just don’t go in blind.
PS: for my fellow degenerates our friends at LLab have you covered with some mods

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