MOD Desc
Remove overhead mountains on collapse as long as there is non-overhead mountain roof next to the collapse.

Without this mod there is no way to remove overhead mountain, no matter how many times it collapses it does not go away. With this mod if an overhead mountain roof collapses and there is a non-overhead roof on a tile directly adjacent to it then the overhead mountain will be removed.

While there are other mods that enable removing overhead mountains manually like normal roofs, this mod restricts it to only edges of mountains so you could technically remove a whole mountain as long as you start from the edge and work inwards.

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Only just started playing the game, but from what i’ve played already, i think this game is brilliant. The characters are all so diverse, and the all interact differently to eachother and the environment around them in a very advanced way. I haven’t encountered a single bug so far, the game feels very solid already. The story telling is pretty good as well. I reckon that this game is going to be amazing when complete, it’s already very good. However, my one suggestion is adding in-game tutorials,because i had no idea what to do when i started. They have now added a heavily demanded tutorial, which well help people quite a lot, as this game is brutal. I wasnt sure about getting the game, but im very happy i got it. I Highly recommend this game.

This game was on my wish list for at least a year. I was a bit wary because of the price, but since I’ve been stuck at home for the past month, I decided to take the risk. It was definitely worth the price for me. I’m only 7 hours into this game, but even with only four colonists (one showed up a few days in) and one prisoner (a captured raider), I love the story that’s been developing. Shout-out to the AI program, seriously. I went with the classic AI for this first play-through (there are three) and chose a difficulty that looked like it would have the focus on story with a dash of danger that I wanted. This game hits the flow zone between bored and overwhelmed perfectly for me. I’m looking forward to racking up many more hours in this game.

The game is leaning more towards modding and opening its sources better, its a GREAT game without mods. But, so much more can be done WITH mods.
Nuclear power,
Oil refinery systems
Star Gate
Star Wars
Star Trek
have a desire for a more anime-like play style? i have seen PLENTY of addons laying around that gives that small touch and vibe off of it.
Make a prison
Harvest the organs of the fallen
Build a Vault from Fallout
After the creation of your super fortress. You have many paths to end-game down. World Conquest. Build a ship and leave for a new world. LIVE on the ship. or just become public enemy number one by snuffing out any and all bases located close to you.

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