Silent Doors

MOD Desc
Silences door opening and closing sounds.

This mod:
– Is perfectly safe to add or remove at any time from your save.
– Can be placed anywhere in the mod list.
– Doesn’t add or remove anything – it just sets the volume of door opening and closing sounds to zero.

This is the story about Nerdy McNerdpants. When I generated the map, I already saw how he was different. This was my second map, while my first map lasted for about 2 hours because I got raided and all my colonists died, so I didn’t know too much about character generation, but enough to see the fun in it.
Nerdy McNerdpants was a.. Nerd. He was a psychopath and really really wanted a bionic limb. So much that his mood always had a negative part because of his want for this limb. He wasn’t at all social, but he could cook really nice and prepared lots of colonists nice meals.
Then came a girl, a nurse, that was running for a small group of tribes people. She requested amnesty at our colony, but at the cost of having to fight off the tribes people. I thought, how can a group of tribes people do any harm to my people with rifles and a pretty good skill level in shooting and melee, so I accepted the poor nurse.
Then the tribes people came, 5 of them, 2 of them bowmen, the other 3 with a club and 2 spears. I still thought: I can handle that! So they came to my defense line, and I put up a few riflemen and some other guys to charge and combat them with some nice melee. One of the melee guys was our dear Nerdy McNerdpants. He had a pretty high skill level in melee (8), so I really thought I was fine, but then 2 tribe people flanked him. All of the tribes people were killed, but Nerdy McNerdpants did lose his arm and was bleeding a lot, so we hospitalized him. He was just lying in bed while other colonists were cleaning up, when died. He sadly never had his bionic arm..

This is the level you deal with your colonists, and I really enjoy the depth of it, you really get to know your colonists and feel with them, with some of them binging on alcohol and then losing there minds, some of them being horrifyingly ugly and all other stats you can think of. I’m really enjoying this game and I will be for a long time, because of all the different characters you can get in your colony and all the possibilities you have with them. And some day.. Some day I will make Nerd 345-24 happy with his bionic arm, and it will be EPIC! 😛

Usually I don‘t buy games on full price, and I don‘t have that much money to buy many games, but rimworld is absolutely worth the 30€ in my opinion.
It combines a bunch of things me and my friends like. You macromanage a colony, but you are also able to micromanage every colonist, if you need. You need to take care of food, recreation and all the other things that influence the colonists‘ mood. You can hunt or tame animals and use their leather to make clothing. You mine steel and use it to make components, weapons, bionic limbs or other things.
You can give every colonist a nickname and your own randomized story will be created through this game. You can get a bunch of events from weather over meteorites to raids and infestations. There are not many games where you can say things like “My best friend got shot in the face and has now a permanent brain damage. Before that, he was my best shooting guy and often shot animals and enemies directly in the heart.”, “I made a masterful sniper rifle and it had an engraving referencing another friend, so I gave it to him as a gift and one of the first shots was into the spine of one of my other colonists. He couldn’t do anything and was bedridden until I made a new bionic spine for him.” or “Mizuki compared Lamos to a llama. This drove Lamos into a rage and he began a fight!”
The last thing I want to say is, if you generally like these concepts the game is great for you. If you don’t like certain minor things about it, there is a good chance that there is a mod that changes it. For example how big the stacks are, possibility to cook and craft in bigger stacks or a possibility to change the colonists you start with. There are great people in the community who extend the lifespan of the game. There is even a multiplayer mod!

Criticisms: Parts of this might be because we are playing in multiplayer, which comes with additional problems, but the whole caravan system seems to be a bit tacked on. There were versions of this game in the beginning, where you couldn’t form caravans and it shows. It would be nice to see some updates on that system.

But Overall: Full recommendation!

Rimworld’s a game about colony management. But really it’s a game about dynamic storytelling.

Reasons to like Rimworld:
+The management aspects are well-developed. It’s almost always possible to get the behaviors you want out of your colonists without micro-management.
+Basebuilding is interesting. For the most part, the choices are interesting and improving your base in one aspect means postponing developing it in another area.
+Lots of options means you can adjust the difficulty to your tastes, including a peaceful mode (no real threats beyond quests or occasional wild animals), hardcore (no savescumming), and merciless (think unfairly difficult) settings.
+Good mod support allows you to further tweak and alter the game in many ways.
+You can run this game on a potato.
+The soundtrack has a couple of real bangers.

Reasons you might reconsider buying this game:
-Success is sometimes a curse. What I mean is when everything is going very well in your colony there is usually not much that you need to do which can lead to some waiting around. This doesn’t happen that much on the higher difficulties but it certainly will on peaceful or base builder settings.
-There’s a steep up-front learning curve. I would highly recommend doing the tutorial and paying attention to the Learning Helper.

Other considerations:
=Highly simplistic graphics. This is largely a matter of personal taste. And with mods you can alter this in varying degrees.
=Rimworld can be a real time vampire. Great if you have a few hours to kill, not so great if you only have a few minutes.
=There’s no achievements or other extrinsic motivators other than the goals you set for yourself. I consider this a positive but I know some may not.

Overall, I enjoy Rimworld a great deal. Many of the things that appear on the surface to be odd make sense after you play for a while (such as the priorities system). After a while I found myself open to the game as means of telling a story in addition to a set of systems.

tl;dr: Fun management game, lots of options, potentially a time sink.

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