Imprisonment On The Go! (Make Pawns Prisoners Without Beds)

MOD Desc

Intro Maaaaaaaan, man, man. It’s been quite a trip. You’ve been hauling over a literal ton of steel back from the furthest settlement possible.

You had no choice. You sold out everyone else.

Everyone in the caravan is weary from travel, their floaty-things-that-are-labeled-legs trembling as they trudge along the dirt path leading back home.

But then… BOOM!

A grenade explodes 5 feet from your prized muffalo!

Oh my stars!

It’s a brutal skirmish, but you manage to down enough of the scum to cause the rest to route.

Now you have all of these bandits, just laying here, bleeding out into the soil. Normally, you wouldn’t be able to cuff em and bring the suckers home with you….

But this isn’t a normal situation anymore.

Introducing Imprisonment On The Go!

Features – Ability to have pawns walk up to downed (human) targets and ‘cuff’ em, resulting in said target becomming a prisoner of the colony. No bed required. Once ‘cuffed’, prisoners act and behave like regular vanilla prisoners (i.e. they follow you around when on a caravan map and move to prisons when arriving in colony maps).

– Ability to tend to downed prisoners without the need for both a bed and medicine! (See updates)

Credits Thanks to the following content creators for sections/ideas based off of their code:
– Thirite of Simple Slavery[]
(I got ideas from looking at this code)

– UnlimitedHugs of AllowTool[]

– Haplo of Miscellaneous[]
(I got ideas from looking at this code]

Thanks to the good people of the RimWorld modding discord channel for taking the time to help lil’ old me!

Compatibility/Use in other mods From far-from-thorough testing, the mod seems to work ok with existing saves, but standard backup-before-use clause is suggested. I’m not particularly sure what bugs will arise from contact with other mods, but I am CERTAIN that there will be. I mean, there has to be, right?

NOW. For the legal stuff…

Being a fresh face in the C# programming world…er.. programming in general, this took me a fairly long time to make. With that said, if you choose to use this mod in yours, mentioning my name, linking this page, and redistributing any alterations under the same license below is required. We square? Yeh, we are ๐Ÿ˜€


Hm yeh, this stuff’s all under license : CC-BY-NC-SA.[]

This is probably the best small-scale colony builder game I’ve ever played. It’s both easy to understand conceptually, and difficult to master–especially playing on Randy Random. The organic progress in learning the game systems and multiple methods and options to solve the same problems every colony eventually faces is a continual challenge and I love that the game really never feels boring.

The community (Devs and players) is incredible, the mods are well done and let you tweak the core gameplay to more your style.
Even without mods, the default three scenarios combined with the three storytellers and various levels of difficulty make for a huge variety in gameplay. Add the ‘Prepare Carefully’ mod alone and you’ve got an amazing custom experience where you can try infinite starting variables.
The UI is genuinely pleasing to use. Very little tweaking (compared to early alpha and beta builds) is needed to become very familiar with where everything is as well as what everything does.
The emotions and frames of mind the game tosses your way at any given time is fantastic for a ‘rogue-like’ style game that is fresh and new every time. I can’t count the number of times I’ve audibly cursed when my best skilled crafter/doctor/hunter/engineer/artist/researcher caught some sort of illness and all my objectives were put on hold to save them.
Sometimes, especially for newer players/new scenarios, the degradation of skill (as well as animal tame-ness?) can be frustrating to deal with, especially when you’re on the threshold of unlocking a new building/recipe/crop. It has definitely made the game more well rounded and weakened ‘do everything’ colonists compared to earlier builds, but losing the ability to plant healroot over the winter can be devastating to a new player.
The ‘all or nothing’ gameplay surrounding item durability is a bit heavy-handed. I would love to be able to spend resources to repair or patch up a great item that I made or found (read: pried out of their cold, dead hands) even if the repair back to full durability ended up with a chance to reduce the quality by one grade. I know there are probably numerous mods that do something of this nature, but I would love to see it as a part of the core game in the future.
Mid- to late-game concepts ramp up in difficulty very quickly. I love how you can make multiple power grids to support larger or even non-connected bases, but I’ve relied on mods to give me all the information I need to keep tabs on what’s going on.
I need more damn components!
One huge ask would be the ability to export an entire scenario including map/world/etc settings so my friends and I can play the EXACT same scenario and see what happens differently. Also, I wish I could start new colonies on the same world that past failed colonies exist, or at least be able to take revenge on the same raider tribes that killed my prize alpaca farm…
Overall it’s a great game out of the box if you’re patient and analytical when you die (which you will die often), and it’s a great exercise in planning and modifying that plan on the fly… (when the bullets start flying, or the toxic fallout washes over, or the giant alien bugs burst through the ground inside your base, or your poor cook finally snaps and starts stabbing, or a herd of maneating ibex tear through the map, or…)

I give Rimworld a 9 out of 10.

This game is great, don’t get me wrong, but there is something that could be improved.

For first, I feel like the game is a bit repetitive, nothing wrong with that but I feel that this game gets boring after a while, it’s the same, just create a stockpile, build a shelter, farm, fight and other preparations you have to make, cut down that tree, mine that steel, it’s all the same.

I mean, you can speed up the rate that you do things by recruiting people, but that requires time too, in fact everything takes time, the research, the mining, the building, everything feels like it was moving in slow motion, nothing was happening, it was just me, watching over a bunch of little idiots running around on the screen and preventing them from doing really stupid things like trapping themselves while building.

The game helps you out on that by giving you new people, hooray!

But honestly, you are just going to get someone pretty crap, or have a drug addiction of some kind. The game also gives you prisoner quests and such, but there actually isn’t enough of them and most of the time you get really bad people that weighs the colony down. Or just does nothing at all. I feel like the pace of the game could be a little faster, because that’s my main concern since this is the main problem that is making me lose interest in this game. And repeating myself again, everything is so slow. Most of the time it’s just slowly watching the little research bar go up. It’s boring.

And adding an additional note here, if you get to 13 people, the game will actively try to kill you and such, and having those useless people don’t help. At all. You cannot believe how many times I died because at least 6 of them I got from prison camp quests and other events that you get to get people. I had one person who was basically incapable of everything, which was frustrating in itself, but when the psychic ship crashes down, they are useless. I can’t use them to do anything like, art, smithing, mining, growing, crafting and all the other important crap I need for my colony. Sure, You can just kill them off, but that will give a negative mood to everyone in the colony. You could also argue to just wait for raids, but the thing is that I need people, because the raids are going to get worse and 3 people with crappy weapons against machine rifles is a death sentence, and I would be bored out of my mind to continue anyway.

I like the sense of slowly progressing, but this is just ridiculous, it is taking too long. But there is also many positive things about this game, like the challenge…? And the complicated things and what not. You can also download mods that make this game so easy it’s ridiculous, and so hard that you can compare it to dark souls. You can also download mods to overcome the boring stuff in the game, but I haven’t found one that has the right balance of challenge, pacing and strategy yet and frankly, my intrest in this game died along with my colonists.

But other than that glaring issue, I really liked how the game is, I like having to build my own colony. It’s just that, it’s too boring.

I’m going to give this game a 6/10, the good things in this game are there, but I feel are completely overshadowed by the pacing issue. Please leave me a comment on what you think about this, because I feel like this is the issue that is making players want to leave.

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