1.2 – Imprisonment On The Go! (Make Pawns Prisoners Without Beds)

MOD Desc
Allows the player to make pawns prisoners without beds, allowing for mass incarceration far from home.

Ahoy! This is the updated version of my original mod!

Enjoy! 🙂

Features – Ability to have pawns walk up to downed (human) targets and ‘cuff’ em, resulting in said target becomming a prisoner of the colony. No bed required. Once ‘cuffed’, prisoners act and behave like regular vanilla prisoners (i.e. they follow you around when on a caravan map and move to prisons when arriving in colony maps).

– Ability to tend to downed prisoners without the need for both a bed and medicine! (See original mod updates)

Credits Thanks to the following content creators for sections/ideas based off of their code:
– Thirite of Simple Slavery[ludeon.com]
(I got ideas from looking at this code)

– UnlimitedHugs of AllowTool[ludeon.com]

– Haplo of Miscellaneous[ludeon.com](I got ideas from looking at this code)

Thanks to the good people of the RimWorld modding discord channel for taking the time to help lil’ old me!

Compatibility & Use in Other Mods From far-from-thorough testing, the mod seems to work ok with existing saves, but standard backup-before-use clause is suggested. I’m not particularly sure what bugs will arise from contact with other mods, but I am CERTAIN that there will be. I mean, there has to be, right?

Update: Incompatible with Locks if this mod is loaded before the Locks mod!

NOW. For the legal stuff…

Being a fresh face in the C# programming world…er.. programming in general, this took me a fairly long time to make. With that said, if you choose to use this mod in yours, mentioning my name, linking this page, and redistributing any alterations under the same license below is required. We square? Yeh, we are 😀


Yep, this version is under license as well 🙂 CC-BY-NC-SA.[creativecommons.org]

  • Added this mod, loaded after Locks, but was unable to imprison a downed raider. Recieved the usual ‘no bed’ message. I noticed it said (human) target. Does this not work with other races? It was a Naga, is that why i didnt work? I’m not getting any errors in the log (I think, forgot to check)
  • can you make it not one by one clicking, make area drag to imprisonment?
  • Never mind. I’m an idiot. Didnt see the option at the bottom
  • Thanks for requesting that. Good idea, hadn’t been in the loop on it.
  • Some of my mods will tell me when they will not function correctly in their current order and will tell me where they should be placed relative to specific mods. (Might be just for Fluffy’s Mod Manager?) For example, a mod that depends on JecsTools will have an error next to it if I have it placed before JecsTools in the load order. I have one or two that even tell me that they will not function if loaded after X mod or if they should be placed before X mod.Long story short, would it be possible for you to do a similar thing with your mod so that it tells players to place it after the Locks mod? I have no idea what it takes but I thought it would be a decent idea. It didn’t bother me since I read the description prior to adding but it may be a nice QoL update for the more impatient players.
  • [SubPrime] AgentBlac thanks for this mod. It adds a lot to the game.

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