Rebound (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of AKreedz mod


Non-steam version:

A brief explanation of the mod as I understand it:
– New trait: Sword Master, low natural chance but automatically added when pawn has 20 in Melee
– Bullets can be rebounded as long as pawn has a Melee-weapon, but player-pawns must be drafted.
– Rebound-chance 0.5 * [Manipulation value, max 100%] * (Melee-skill / 10)
* Example – Manipulation-value: 105%, Melee-skill: 18
0.5 * 1 * 1.8 = 0.9 = 90% chance
– Only projectiles that would have hit the pawn can be rebounded
– Weapon has a chance to take durability-damage when rebounding
0.4 * (Melee-skill/5)
– At 1 durability the weapon is thrown to the ground to avoid getting destroyed
– Projectiles that are too fast cannot be rebounded, speed-limit can be changed in settings.

— Original Description —
For those who came in due to the steam name being in english, but no english description, here is a google translate for you. (By Umbreonic Wizard )

New Features: Sword Master
Low probability random occurrence
This feature is also obtained when the colony’s fighting level reaches level 20.

Bullet counter condition:
In the recruitment of colonists, armed with melee weapons (non-colonials do not need to be recruited)

Projection counter probability calculation:
Bomb anti- chance = 50% x colonizer operation ability (up to 100%) x (colonial combat level ÷ 10)

Weapon damage probability calculation:
Damaged chance = 40% ÷ (colonial combat level ÷ 5);
Every time the damaged weapon is lowered 1 Durable
Weapons are automatically thrown to the ground when they reach 1

This is a great game. Absolutely addicting to me. A very smart mixture of Sim City, Harvest Moon, Prison Architect, The Sims, Minecraft and probably some other inspirations.

All of this is mixed with a solid amount of fighting (if you want it), catastrophies (if you want them) and social drama.

I am quiet new to the game and slowly realize how deep it really is.
If you are into simulation and management games you should definately take a closer look.
It might become your favourite title in the genre.

The only downside I could think of is the sheer mass of possibilities and options. This is more a game for the geekish type of player, I am unsure if a casual player would like it.

I personaly love it.

Great game 10/10

For a game so seemingly basic, graphics and plot, at first glance, 150 hourse of gameplay and I’ve only scratched the tip. A great blend of Sims, colony management, building and tactical combat, all while topping the survival genre by a longshot. Will it be a harsh winter, a maddened colonist, a Pirate raid or rival siege, Mechanoid poison ships, a tyranid style infestation, no one knows, but your going to lose that colony 1 hour in or 20. The learnig curve at first is a bit overwhelming but the payoff is there. This game may not be for everyone but the people who enjoy it will quickly find this title in their top 10s of all time(dare I say). While triple A game companies push out drivel for a premium 60$ a whack, this will be the best 30$ you spent on Steam in a while.

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