Modders Deserve Credit, too

MOD Desc
Mods make your save unique among the endless amount of saves you probably played.
If you make it to the end, why not give them some credit too.
After all, credit where credit is due.

This mod adds the authors of your currently active mods to the Credits screen, right after Ludeon employees, testers, and the translators of the currently active language.
Depending on if you want them categorized or just as you have them in load order, there is a mod option available to switch accordingly.

In case you want to see a little test run, you can see a preview in the mod options and the debug action menu has a new button at the end to show the credits.

Logo art by Oskar Potocki.
UI Help from Fluffy
Testing: Trisscar

I promised myself that I would never buy an early access game ever again. But then I really wanted a cool base builder and the reviews were just SOOOOOOOoo good. So I purchased Rimworld for $29.99.

I tried to like it. I really did. The reveiws made me feel like I could be sure to have a great time even though it is early access and that almost never turns out well.

Even as I’m writting this I’m thinking about loging in and giving it another shot. ‘Maybe if I do ______ this time, It’ll be more fun’ I’m telling myself. It is true that you can spend hours and hours trying to build your perfect space colony of misfits and that the game does have a tarrific ammount of replayability. But I can’t escape the fact that I’m almost never actually having FUN. I get sooooo close but never actually feel the satisfaction of having done something cool like building a host of Turrets to defend the most vulnerable side of my base. I’m left the whole time feeling not quite acomplished time and time again. God, I really wish that I liked it. I would probably not need to buy a new game for quite a while if I did.

This game is truly amazing. First off, it allows for any and all playstyles. You can have peaceful building mode, you can have a super-challenging hardcore experience, you can have something in between, all are possible and all are fun!

This game is also infinitely moddable with tons of mods already out there. It’s fun to perform ‘social experiments’ with the colonists. I added a mod that makes beds big enough to hold up to five people, then set the game to make everyone polyamorous. It was interesting to see who went where and which colonists were interested in hopping around, forming their own little cliques, sticking with the same person, or just being alone.

The game is so fun that it’s almost counterintuitive to build a ship to escape Rimworld after investing so much time into a colony and getting to know its inhabitants. There’s even a mod for that, that allows the player to save the ship they’ve built and whatever colonists, pets, and gear they’ve stuffed on it before launching.

Mods are great, but the vanilla (unmodded) game is fantastic on its own and I highly recommend it.

I’ve been playing this game on and off since I bought it in 2014. I do really enjoy this game and if you like games like it, I’m sure you will enjoy this game. I like how you are able to create your own difficulity in the game, depending on which storyteller you choose, how the storyteller tells the story and where you settle. It can also depend on how you decide to interact with the tribes and different cities that are scattered on the world map (which sadly you can’t visist in the current state, not sure if it will ever come). If you try to live peacefully or if you enslave them and sell to the next pirate ship your trade comm station picks up.

Coming from Dwarf Fortress earlier in the genre I’d say this game isn’t as complex as it, but I don’t think it strives to be it. And even though it isn’t as complex, it can be as difficult sometimes when random disaster strikes. I highly recommend the game for anyone who like the concept of the game, which is what got me sold on it in the first place. But as it says in the game description, only buy it if you like what you see now and not what it could become.

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