Resource crops

MOD Desc
You can grow trees to get steel, glass, gold, silver, jade, uranium, parts and beer. Don’t ask why there is a beer.
No English.
I can’t translate,I need help.

I went into this game not expecting to much. Simplistic designs, over the top view, base building and survival, Sounds like your average game that might be worth the money, but man was I wrong. The game is a mixture of calm base building and anurism levels of stress asking yourself why, in the middle of a raid with 20 people attacking your colony of five mentally handicapped people, is your best fighter overdosing on space cocaine. This game, especially on Randy Random, is a violent roller coaster of emotions and is much more akin to an abusive relationship than a game. Yet there is something so surreal, so peaceful as the ship finally leaves the planet you just sit back and think to yourself ‘Wow I did it, I saved them,’ and then you remember that you had left your favorite pet squirrel and the aforementioned fighter coked out in your hospital. In all seriousness I cannot recommend this game enough, hours just fly by and you just get lost in the simplistic design. 10/10 would buy again

When I was younger, I once dreamt of simulating a post-apocalyptic wasteland to explore and rebuild with friends. Now that I’m an adult, I simply don’t have enough time in a day to bother with game dev. When I discovered this game, it was almost like someone stole my notebook and implemented most of my ideas better than I ever could’ve done. Needless to say, this game has it all except multiplayer but who needs friends anyways when you can have 20 huskies ready to defend your honour from disrespectful man-eating bunnies?

Buyer Beware: you will most likely spend an irresponsible amount of time playing this game, trying to build up a fortress that Randy will light on fire during a siege while your colonist kill eachother in a giant temper tantrum over who gets carpeted floors. If you’re deluded enough to think you kicked the habbit because of your last rage-quit, you will definitely relapse after Tynan releases another update !!!

Time for another vanilla playthrough …

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