Stellaris Theme

MOD Desc

This is a third-party Stellaris customized theme for RimThemes mod.

Current mod package version: 1.1

Important note

While enable this mod, no matter if you choose this Stellaris theme from RimThemes or not, most of sound effects in game would be replaced by this mod. To make this theme package’s SE overwrites vanilla one more comprehensively, and since RimThemes doesn’t quite do that. So I had to choose this way.


Simply put my mod after RimThemes, once you restart Rimworld, check the bottom right corner. There should be a Rimworld icon. Check and choose theme you like and have fun.

Load order for RimWorld 1.1:
< This Mod >

To ensure that the theme content is rendered correctly, make sure that in the RimThemes settings,

– [Disable Video Background] is checked,
– [Disable Custom Wallpaper (Main Menu)] is unchecked,
– [Random Background – Disable Random Background] is checked.

Known issues

1. Important action button (such like quit game) still looks vanilla because I haven’t find the replaceable texture. Since it didn’t appear very often so it can be ignored. Same problem happened on every workbench’s ‘Do until X’ button, and Mod Config button in the setting interface.


Artworks & Music & Sound Effects – Paradox Development Studio

Currently used main menu music: Gravitational Constant

External download link

Easily comparable to a sci-fi Dwarf Fortress Lite, and perfect for people who are interested in simulation/colony management games but find something like DF overwhelming or too dense to fully get into (or who want things like, y’know, graphics, sound, and the ability to use a mouse). And for fans of DF, RimWorld puts much more emphasis on the individual colonists, their relationships, their histories, and their abilities; whereas DF gives you too much info to process–everything down to physical description, favorite color, and complete psych profile–on all hundred-plus dorfs in your fort (most of whom are talentless migrants you never asked for, don’t want, and couldn’t care less about), RimWorld gives you a scant handful of colonists with unique backstories and skills, and you never know when someone else might be available to join the settlement (either voluntarily or…otherwise), so you’d better get cozy with your crew.
It’s almost like the game tricks you into caring about your colonists when you know death lurks around every corner. Nobody joins your colony without you making some kind of choice as to whether you want them to, so every death feels way crueler than Urist McWaxworker getting smashed by a carp.

You’ve conquered colony building across the multiverse. You are a master of resource management. You are a trade mogul. A ruthless general.

RimWorld doesn’t give a . You will fail, and you will reload at 4 am with your sickday alibi already planned.

You tried to be clever. You made elaborate plans. You re-rolled colonists until your probability calculations made sense. And then you howled in anger as your fledgling ecosystem is left to be defended by the last man standing, a near-zealtous pacifist. You watch as the raiders free the prisoners and your final coward runs to the stockroom.

‘Finally’, you sigh ‘he’s going to pick up a weapon and at least die on his feet.’

When the raiders find him, he is calmly eating a simple food ration in the dark. They unceremoniously bonk your last colonist over the head, and drag him silently into the night.

And as you are left staring at your motionless, dark tomb of a colony, the rain begins to fall. Your generator batteries catch fire, and your dreams, your plans, your efforts slowly burn to ashes.

And in that moment, you have one singular thought burned across your mind; ‘This is the best early access game I’ve ever played.’

This game i have sunk hundreds to arround a thousand hours into the game and 500 just from the vanilla!
this game is so incredibly fun with the storys you can make with just one colony… and then lose it all but you will learn after you lose and that makes your next run even better! you start as weak and near death and then rise to glory to finally escape the rimworld maybe to be stuck in another rimworld youll never know. whatll happen in this game and thats the best part of it all!
what’s even better is the modding!
you can have anything you wish for from new guns to neko girls! yes neko girls YOU CAN HAVE A RACE OF NEKOS IN YOUR GAME IF THAT ISNT A REASON TO GET IT I DONT KNOW WHAT IS.
also the ammount of crazy things you can do in rimworld just in vanilla is crazy.
like harvest all the organs of your captured war pows and then sell their organs for a profit to buy more slaves or a bunch of gold to make flooring out it for THAT ONE JEALOUS COLONIST THAT WANTS A BETTER ROOM THAN THE OTHER COLONIST AND JUST TORE SOMEBODYS ARM OFF IN A MENTAL BREAK BECAUSE OF IT.
anyway this game is super addictive be carefull but its so fun you will fail a lot but failing will increase your skill

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