[1.2] The Grass Is Redder On The Other Side

MOD Desc
Updated to 1.2.

Changes the Rimworld into a planet with lush red vegitation covering the surface.

-Most biomes are changed to a more reddish colour.
-The planet map has been recoloured to match the biome change.

For those who are want a more vibrant ‘alien’ enviroment.

Works well with Makaru’s ‘Fertile planet’ mod.

Ah yes Rimworld. The game where you can take one of your own Colonist prisioner, and then systematicly take He/She’s Organs out till she dies and sell them to strangers. Think this game is about survival on a distant Rimworld? Bloody hell its not (I mean for the first 50 hours, Because you’re going to get ing addicted). Its about what kind of ing mockery you can come up with next. Cruel punishments for raiders. Death pits for raiders. Firing ranges raiders have to walk into. Backstabbing the friendly trade caravan capturing them all, And cutting their legs off. All big jokes and memes aside, Rimworld is a great game alongside with its Pro’s and Con’s

-I can Harvest Organs
-I can make Peg-Leg’ed Pirates
-Traveling to Pirate Outpost’s and Wasting your one Doomsday Rocket for and giggles.
-I can make raiders run a bloody marathon, Using sandbags are Hurdles or chunks of stone… And then publicly execute them
-The List goes on and on

-In vanilla. The ING LIGHTSTAND TAKES SO MUCH ING POWER… 3 Lights can take around the same about of power as the High Tech Research Table, Litteraly my eyes were opened once I found the Lightbulb Mod. That Crisp Summer Morn’ Seeing that bloody mod. Gave joy and warmth to my heart and I started to worship the god himself who created it.
-The ridiculousness of the RNG of shooting at point blank. I mean I understand Maybe a person with 0 skill to not hit over 5 or so tiles, But when the er is close enough to Melee without moving and you can’t hit. Wait a minute, Maybe all the Pawns in this game just have a terrible case of the shakes constantly.
-Well I got nothing else

In the long run if you want to have a fun time go ahead and get this game, So much replay-ablility. One game I can be a.. Ugh… Normie and try to survive on the surface. Or I can be a ing Dwarf from the LOTR. Or most intrestingly immediately abondon my coloney, soon leaving. Raiding the nearby tribal village and take their town as my own. Saves the hastle right?

Anywho I’m starting to drone on and on. If you have the money and don’t feel like being in the COD WWII Hype train or some t… Waste your 30 Bucks on this because most likely. Its gonna have more gameplay than that.

Absolutely amazing game. Lets walk through some past runs.
– become the inca on sea ice, murder any traders who turn up because you can eat their limbs and makes sofas from their skin.
– why not settup a gulag? Name your characters after famous communist leaders and watch as Stalin and Lenin romance each other until your people get depressed due to lack of adequate corn management and starve to death.
– If you’re fealing a bit more to the right you can settup a death camp, Hitler Goeboels and ‘Gas’ go on a journey, killing anyone who doesn’t have the right skin colour. Fortunately for humanity The orion mod comes with a particularly OP bunch of raids and so hitler was quickly murdered and everyone else left to bleed to death.
– Start a normal viable colony. A strange chamber containing evil bugs is opened. Guess I’ll just leave them there, next thing you know they have spread to consume their entire mountain and the mountain protects them from artillery.
– try setting up a valid secure base when next thing you know a tornado has ed up your more than any raiders could.

I have never won this game. 500 hours in I pretty much exclusively play on the hardest difficulty and get completely demolished by many different sources and yet it always ends up being fun because of the unbearably stupid stories you can set up. I have lost to raids, infestations, given up due to stupid management of setting up a trade caravan, given up due to abyssmal planning and investing all my time in making a really aesthetic fridge instead of actually building defenses, forgetting that I can just use the ing nutrient paste dispenser until hour 200 instead of giving all my dudes colon cancer with a level 0 chef, making weed and forgetting to stop everyone getting stoned at 3am when I want to defend against a hoarde of mechanised centipedes.

I can’t express how much fun this game can be to lose. Watching characters (who thankfully can recurr in later runs) go out in blazes of glory with heroic last stands are the moments that really define your pawns and make you care about them.

The game is well polished, constantly updated, and absolutely ing fantastic. Can’t recommend enough.
Worth the full price and an absolute bargain on sale.

Such a great game. The feel and overall quality of the game is just great. Crash landed on a planet and you must do what you need to do to survive. This can range from farming, hunting, crafting better gear and weapons, recruiting new people, butchering your captives for their flesh, training wolfs to fight for you, harvesting your aggressors organs for transplant to save a colonist, growing drugs and brewing beer to ease stress, or raiding a near by camp for supplies and relationship points for another factions relation ship points…. This game offers so much at just the basic level. and the mods for this game are just amazing. The mods and community making content for this game is great.

The crafting system is amazing… Lots of depth. With the vanilla game and mods, you can basically craft what ever your heart desires.

But it really comes down to managing the people and how you deal with the events…
With the game throwing random events like raids, disease, storms, animal attacks, cold snaps, heat waves, poison smog… Its just fun and yes, it can get really really really challenging once you get in the thick of it, but that’s why I love it.

The game has a variety of starting scenarios, and the difficulty setting will give you a choice from playing passively or hardcore survival. (you can also change the story teller and the dificulty at any time in the game)

My only complaint is that the late game its pretty hard to actually win the game even when your people are fully decked in assault gear and armor… idk how many hours I have now, but in all my hours of playing I have not gotten off the planet. You either need to cross the planet in caravan to get a space ship, or get enough supplies to build a space ship… Only problem is that the end game supplies for space tech are so rare. You basically have to play and just hope traders have what you are looking for. dozens of hours just hoping to get what you need.

But… there are mods that help fix 🙂

Great Game. Probably going to be my favorite game of all time.

Its like dwarf fortress but actually playable. I just really hope this isnt the first and last game from t his studio. Its so rare you actually get an amazing genre defining game.

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