Pawn Rules – Food policies and more

MOD Desc
Tired of feeding your prisoners Lavish Meals?
Need your animal handlers to stop bonding with livestock?
Want a colonist to avoid getting a new lover?
Have a worker on construction duty but shouldn’t be building artistic furniture?

Pawn Rules is a mod that allows custom rules to be assigned individually to your colonists, animals, guests and prisoners. Default rules can be set for new pawns and new born animals will inherit their mother’s rules.

Currently the following rules can be applied:

  • Disallow certain foods
  • Disallow bonding with certain animals
  • Disallow new romances
  • Disallow constructing items that have a quality level

Any of these rules can be disabled and hidden from the rules window. Rules presets and defaults can be imported and exported between games.

How to open rules dialog Select a pawn and the rules button should appear next to the draft button. If you are using RimHUD then the rules button is integrated in the HUD and replaces the food restriction button.

Technical details No update should ever break an existing game and this mod be added or removed at any time without issue.

Compatibility This mod is not compatible with my other mod Animal Food Restrictions as this mod has a much more robust restriction system.

Other languages For translators: Instead of including other languages with this mod, I would prefer and welcome translators to upload and maintain a language submod. If any translator would like the logo and art assets for this mod please contact me on Discord.

Older versions 1.0 version available here[]
B19 version available here[]

For Modders Pawn Rules supports addons created by other modders by allowing easy creation of new rule options while handling the GUI and world storage saving. Check out the wiki on addons.[]

Anything else? Chat with me on Discord[]

I noticed a problem with Pawn Rules today that I hadn’t run into before. In the unmodded game, if you click on your caravan on the map, go to the Health tab, then click the details button for a member of the caravan, you should be able to change food restrictions while they’re on the road. With Pawn Rules installed, that button disappears. I never noticed this problem until I accidentally sent a colonist on a caravan with a restriction that wouldn’t allow them to eat pemmican or survival meals.Maybe there is a different way to do this with Pawn Rules, but I wasn’t able to find it. As a workaround I was able keep them alive by just editing the ‘Colonist Basic’ food plan that they were now stuck with to include the foods they needed to eat. So, it wasn’t a disaster, but not ideal either, since then all my other colonists were able to eat the foods I didn’t want them to eat from storage, unless I changed all of their food policies too.

– what type of animal? Some (e.g. dogs) don’t eat hay at all, and for those animals that don’t eat hay it doesn’t matter if it is permitted by the food policy because they still cannot eat it. You can see the valid food types for an animal by clicking on the info panel for them.- I’m running into the same problem, but rather than a setting it’d be better to provide the selection box for food policy in the Health Info pane like an unmodded game provides (click on caravan, then Health tab, then the box that pulls up the health details for a colonist – an unmodded game has their food policy shown just above the list of what treatment/medicine types they can use with a dropdown box to change their food restriction). That would let us set the colonist to the right travel food policy while they are in the caravan if we forgot to before they left. I suspect that the need for this setting to be there on caravans simply got missed.

Jaxe, it looks like the incompatibility comes from the custom pawnkinds I have in my mod. These pawn types aren’t treated like normal animals so would never be found in the wild or interact with colonists naturally, and probably don’t belong on the list of rules your mod generates anyways.I’m looking at the decompiled source which is a bit hard to read, but if you can find the category or field that I’m not setting in my defs that’s causing the null ref, and exclude null fields from your categories, this should fix the issue.Here’s a quick snip of the error: Exception filling window for PawnRules.Interface.Dialog_Rules: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at PawnRules.Data.RestrictionTemplate.GetAnimalsCategorized (PawnRules.Data.Restriction restriction) [0x00000] in :0 at PawnRules.Data.RestrictionTemplate.Build (PawnRules.Data.RestrictionType type

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