No Vanilla Hair

MOD Desc
This mod removes all vanilla hairstyles and is intended to be used with hair mods.

Recommended Hair Mod: Vanilla Hair Expanded

The removed hairstyles can still be chosen for starting characters via EdB Prepare Carefully.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this game, so I didn’t know if I should buy it. In the end I decided to give it a try.

I deeply regret that decision.

A few days and over 100 hours later, here I am. A thriving colony, soon on its way of building a spaceship out of this planet.

Of course some colonists have died. I fondly remember Sparkles, who led a normal life up until the day I put her to handle animals. An veritable army of furry friends always behind her. Defending her when she lost an arm trying to tame a beast. But nothing they could do when that rhyno destroyed her chest instantly.
And who could forget those two guys who died in cave ins? Their sacrifice for my own further understanding of how caves work in this game will not be forgotten.

But enough about the dead.

The raiders, left dying on the floor, after their allies abandon them fleeing cowardly from my might. Those have been a permanent source of wonder. Wondering what to do with them. I could treat their wounds and have them join me. But some were truly detestable. Some factions are happy with me when I return their raiders safe and sound but eventually the only faction left that still hated me didn’t care for that. Selling them as slaves was nice for a time too. But then I found out about it.

Organ harvesting.

I developed a perfect strategy.
Is the prisoner a psychopath? Bring him to the VIP cell. A private cell with a state of the art medical bed and monitor to ensure survival. Spacious and furnished beautifully. It even has a TV. Anything for my future recruit.
Is the prisoner not a psychopath? Bring him to the meatbag barracks. A dirty dark room barely kept at survivable temperatures where our guest gets to sleep on the floor. Upon arrival and once their condition is stable, the prisoner is sent in for surgery. The first step, is the removal of the legs. To avoid escape attempts. The prisoner can now only lie there on the floor, waiting for its demise. They see their fellow prisoners. Every week or so, they are sent in for surgery. There’s a huge scar on their torso. For, you see, colonists get sad if you remove too many organs too fast. But after one week they’ve forgotten all about it. Eventually the prisoner’s body has no more to give. They die. And they are sent to the other room. It’s a freezer. And it’s full of meat. It’s where their meals come from: raw human meat. Yes, I feed them the bodies of the other prisoners and of everyone who died during the raid (anyone who wasn’t on my side, of course, my colonists get a beautiful sarcophagus burial). The bodies are chopped up by a psychopath who does not mind the task at all, and I get to sell nice expensive human leather T-shirts along with their lungs and kidneys.

TL;DR: This game turns you into an awful person and steals all of your time. 10/10 don’t buy it, save yourself.

From the very beginning, we had a dog; his name was Jed. Jed was loyal, he followed his daily master, retrieved resources and fiercely protected the survivors. Then came the battle, far larger than any previous ones. Those damned heathen barbarians with their clubs and bows. We shot and shot and shot, yet still they came. Until finally our fortifications were overrun. One of our number was surrounded, with no chance of running. Jed being the brave companion he was, rushed in to rescue the now prone survivor. He was a roaring fury of teeth. But damn them there were so many, and they set upon him with their clubs. We covered him as best we could and finally their spirit broke and they fled, cowards that they were. The man Jed had defended was still alive, barely. Next to him lay Jed. Fierce Jed, whimpering from his wounds, we brought him back to the compound, not the shed with the animals; no, he deserved better. The doctor treated him as best he could, and we went about the necessary tasks of repair an reclaimation. THe next morning, when most of the animals would normally go outside to graze, Jed was not with them. He lay, panting on the bed in the room we had constucted just for him in the night; his spine crushed from the clubs of the horde. He lay there looking up at us with happiness, and sorrow, he licked our hand when we put our hand on his head. Covering our eyes, we left his room and went to the prison cells. The attackers had swarmed in large numbers, so naturally our artillery and machine guns had wounded many, rather than kill. Of the initial 7, 3 had succumbed to their wounds in the night, as we did not have adequate beds for them all. As for the remaining 4, we had a decision to make. They were murderers all, and they had reveled in the blood they had spilled, at least while they were free. Now, as we approaced them, they were less certain when seeing the hard look in our eyes. Winter was approaching fast, and we were in no mood to share what food we had with their ilk. And then there was Jed. Jed who had been with us since our ship had crashed on this forsaken world. Jed who had done more than one could ever ask of any companion, human, animal or otherwise. Jed. Those prisoners did not survive another night. We burned their clothes, if one could call such scraps clothing. The next morning we came to Jed with a special meal. His last meal. In many heathen cultures among the stars, the blood and hearts of one’s enemies is thought to give strength to he that consumes them. We supposed that is was a fitting end for the ones who had attacked us and broke our community. We gave Jed his peace that night as he slept, and from his pelt our tailor made a coat of insurpassable craftsmanship. It now has its own stand in our armory among our other great works, a reminder of a warrior, a friend, a good boy. The barbarians now come again, and we are waiting. 10/10 FOR JED!!!

Edit: Small update for the release of the game. Still great! Buy it you casuals.

So I’ve never really been a guy who plays sandboxy games and has a good story to tell afterwards, maybe because I’m playing them wrong or whatever.

Well, I have a good one from Rimworld.

So, I was made up a kinda cheaty scenario, where I was basically playing as a bunch of entitled children who ran away from home and crashed their spaceship, but started with a bunch of really good . While I didn’t include this in the scenario rules, I’m choosing to do research for the spaceship stuff (presumably to leave the planet we crash landed on) last, and focusing on the important things like television. These kids all all beautiful, have good skills, though some of them have issues with sociability where they’re just anti-social, or apathetic to the feelings of everyone around them. Half of them also refuse to fight fires.

So, fast forward a few days, to when I have a base built up from all the wood I have around, a few types of crops going, and preparing to start crafting some tools, when suddenly a drifter shows up to join the colony. Why, it’s the inventor Strick Santos, brother of one of my colonists (Henry Santos). How great! I decide to go look at Strick’s (now referred to as Santos for the rest of this post) skills, and it seems like he’s good at research, crafting, and medicine. What a great, well rounded guy to have in our colony. I did not notice his traits, or what he is incapable of at the time. I did notice later that he was also incapable of fighting fires.

Fast forward, a couple more days, and I’m having my colonists mining for steel in an outcropping to the south. A notification pops up in the corner: Santos has had a psychotic break. Santos decided to set a bunch of fires.

Turns out Santos is a pyromanic. He likes to set fires and refuses to put them out. As it happens, my base is built out of wood, and I have a bunch of fields full of crops that could catch on fire. So, I was faced with two choices: Let Santos keep going until he got bored and stopped, or try to arrest him and hope it ended up alright. I had one of my colonists try to arrest him while the others started to work on putting out the fire (keep in mind: half of them refuse to be fire fighters!). Santos is beaten half to death and stops his rampage, so the game refuses to let me arrest him. While he recovers, I start trying to reach a decision on what to do with him, and come to the conclusion that I need to try arresting him again.

Unfortunately, this may not have been the greatest idea. When one of my colonists tries to arrest Santos, they beat him to death. Santos is dead, and I’m not sure how his brother is going to react.

Play Rimworld. It’s a great game. It’s Dwarf Fortress for people who don’t have time to learn Dwarf Fortress. But in space.

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