Mind control

MOD Desc

A mind control bench meant to enslave, drive crazy, confuse sentient beings.


  • Temporary take control of a human-like
  • Drive a human-like crazy
  • Confuse a human-like to reduce some of his statistics
  • Make an animal go manhunter

Mastermind To be a good mastermind, your colonist needs social, research and/or medical skills.

Downsides Each time you use the bench, thoughts are applied to both the victim and the mastermind. The mastermind may have a twisted enough mind to take proud of his crime, but there is still a chance that he will be empathetic towards his victim.
Sometimes, your crimes wont be witnessed by the victim faction, but most of the times, you will get a goodwill malus. The more wealthy your victim is, the more chances you will have to get caught.

How to First, right click the bench with a colonist to register a victim.
Secondly, a warden assigned colonist will have to mind mine behind the bench until the green bar is filled, and the work is done. A green orb will appear on the right of the bench once it’s done.
Finally, by left clicking the bench, you will see the available capacities that you can inflict upon the victim.

  • Slugs, they are immune to mind control and dont suffer from the bad thoughts that could occur when a mastermind operates.
  • If you are a race mod creator, tell me if you want yours guys to be immune to mind control.

Mod settings

  • You can choose to multiply the mind control duration (up to x20)
  • You can choose to lower/divide the chances to get caught by other factions (up to x5)


  • The bench is powerful and can really turn things around. Mind controlling a trader to make him leave his belongings on the floor or a raider with a rocket launcher can really impact your colony chances.
  • The research requirements imply you should have the bench late in the game. The ingredients of the bench are also quite specific and should prevent rushing to get it. At this point, your relations with the other factions should be important. If you waste them by overusing the bench, you will have problems getting traders.
  • Downsides may still be too low. Your feedback is appreciated.

Discussion thread https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=37908.0

More Faster Than Light in RimWorld:

Personal Rating 9/10
RimWorld is an incredibly awesome game of its kind. It’s difficult to master which makes it even more interesting to play, because you really want to figure out what you have to do so your people don’t kill themselves. If you are into the survival and management genre this is definitely a game for you!

In the first game I was like ‘ok, just a little bit farming, building houses and that’s it’, but after the first few deaths you know that these little idiots can’t survive alone. You have to manage their jobs, resarching, food management, animal sheltering, etc… but wait, there is more! Wild animals, which go crazy, invading enemies, diseases, poisonous clouds, too hot, too cold, bad mood, dead pets… there are so many things you have to handle, but this is what makes the game fun to play and you want to go further and further just to see what the future brings.

Since this is an alpha there are a few things which have to be improved, but in its current state it is a really good playable game. For example in the german version some things aren’t translated yet but that’s nothing bothering me. The pathing is something which needs to be improved, because they are using like 10 doors instead of walking around the building which would be faster. And it would be more useful if you could assign a whole sleeping room to a person and not only their bed, because when they sleep others come into their room and want to ‘hang out with them’ and then they are in bad mood, because the got disturbed while sleeping. There could be more decorations and stuff to build but since this game has also Steam Workshop this is also a point which isn’t bothering me.

Does the thought of map wide forest fires excite you? How about watching an army of enemy colonist building earthworks and setting up mortars being vaporized by HE and Anti-grain warheads as your colonist call for fire? Or maybe expanding your tunnel base and experiencing absolute horror as mountain dwelling insectoids zerg rush your marble-floored home leaving nothing but blood and vomit as they instantly genocide your friends and family? Then get Rimworld.

If you want to experience: being ambushed my 29 raccoons with rabies, having a murder-bot 10000 land directly into your ornate kitchen and decimate your favorite chef, experience the most nail biting battles (since you actually give a about your colonist) as your 96 year old Harvard professor mows down enemy troops with a minigun; then is immediatly killed with an arrow straight to the brain stem all while your japanse K-pop prostitute turned farmer cuts down 5 enemy raiders using a a spear made of solid gold, then get Rimworld.

If you want to fine tune and plan out an elaborate literal concentration camp : harvesting human flesh to make lampshades and using slave labor to harvest cotton, chocolate and weird red mushrooms (which make good clothing somehow), or maybe taming an actual ing dinosaur, only for said dinosaur to impale you and immediatly kill every single other human on the map, then get Rimworld.

And if you want to experience your colonist marry, cheat, intermarry, commit murder, or literally have such a mental breakdown that they unbury recently killed colonist and throw them on the dining room table while your other colonist try to throw a party….then well you get it

Get the game

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