Safe Pause

MOD Desc
‘Stop accidentally unpausing the game’

Have you ever coincidentally tried to pause the game at the exact same time a raid starts, and a moment later realize that, because the raid already paused the game, you actually unpaused the game. Then as the drop ships are coming down, you try pausing the game again but in your panic you accidentally double tap the space bar, and again you utterly fail to pause the game. You make a swift correction, decisively striking the space key. Wait, the game is still unpaused– were you mistaken? Had you actually tapped it 3 times, or did you double tap it again? Your miserable self can hardly take the pause button’s defiance any longer and you find yourself mashing it repeatedly, pausing and unpausing in quick succession, as the raiders have already disembarked and are making a weird, choppy beeline for your farm animals at about half normal game speed?

Safe Pause can help! When the game gets paused, Safe Pause will disable unpausing the game for a short amount of time (defaults to 1.5 seconds but is configurable in the mod menu).

A shorter secondary timeout also protects against your cat standing on the spacebar!

Also available on GitHub[].

Plot : You make your own story or start with the classical scenarios. You crash landed on a planet, try to escape.

The graphics are simple but don’t let that fool you, the game offers nearly endless possibilities.

You want to establish a cannibal community, be a drug lord, a slaver, or organ harvesters? You want to live honestly and be the Voice of good? Well u can!

I have had so many adventures on this game; my favorite remains the one with my senior Colonist “Phoenix” 85 years old, 781 years in cryo, prostophil animal lover. After many hardships, and long research I managed to replace the limbs of this old timer with bionics. For a time he was my knight in shining armor, swinging his uranium longsword through the ranks of enemies like they were butter until that one dreadful day…. “Sweepy” his faithful Labrador died from a stray bullet…overcome with grief he entered a berserker rage and killed everyone in the colony…

Very nice. No complaints over here.

I haven’t experienced any bugs or glitches or anything like that. I’ve left it for months to come back to it and get addicted all over again. Every playthrough is different and the amount of things you can change, manipulate or experience is crazy. I’ve amassed all of my pitiful 500+ hours just on Randy messing with me on different difficulties, sticking to the very basic goal of surviving, trying to make my own colony a flourishing beauty. I’ve only now decided on my current playthrough to turn my people into cyborg soldiers hellbent on destroying every other colony on the 30%-coverage map.

It’s definitely worth the price (I got it when it was… $30?), I don’t know if it ever goes on sale. It’s a solid. Mod it to all hell or go down the vanilla route like I do, just play it – the only thing that could go wrong is it sits in your library and you either play it too little or way, way too much.

If I had a Gambling adiction it would be replaced with this game. Gameplay is so simple yet so deep with mods, Alot of people complain that you have to micro manage everything this is true but like all things you got to have a plan. you got to have prioritys like do i need more weapons or should i make cloths for the winter all great things to think about while playing but one must also think about what your want to grow or supply how to make more silver with the limited skills of my pawns. This game doesnt hold your hand it throws you into a pit of fire then hands you a glass of water as you burn with sadistic glee that Your Lone Commando guardian survivied though the Raids that slaughter your colony just to be the last man alive with no skills to cook or care for them selves and the only usefull thing he can do as he sits and starves is to make his own coffin and Make pretty statues to surround them.
RimWorld is one Hell of a Drug/Addiction

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