Copy Allowed Area

MOD Desc
Adds copy/paste for allowed areas.

Works just like copy/paste in the schedule and work priorities.

Works with human and animal zones.

I tend to make a lot of similar areas, and I got annoyed with recreating them all the time. So I created this mod so I can copy areas over and only make minor changes.



Incompatible with TD Enhancement Pack

Amazing game. For people who think the 30$ is too much for a early access game your right but this isn’t the normal early access game. I almost even refunded it because i couldn’t get the hang of it off the bat, But I stuck with it and I’m very happy i did. This game is one of those where you can play it forever and I mean that. I quit playing Xbox because this game is that addictive. Every game is completely random which is what i love about this game, it’s never the same thing. Tons of different play styles makes sure you’re never bored and for people who love controlling everything and micro managing, this game is for you.

Update-Still playing all the time. I love all the new add ons and fixes. defitinly the best sim game ive ever played, great work and i hope you dont stop working on this game and keep updates rolling!

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