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Stand-alone Release of Industrial Tweaks

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Industrial Tweaks
– Smelting steel slags now gives 50 steel. (up from 20)
– Refine 10 Plasteel from 50 Steel and 15 Chemfuel at a smelter.

Changelog 12-08-2020: RimWorld 1.2 Compatibility
01-03-2020: RimWorld 1.1 Compatibility
21-10-2018: Stand-alone Release

The full mod can be found here:

Normally, I don’t easily get into colony survival styled games for bingeplaying without being easily burnt out on, but RimWorld is one that I easily got addicted to.
I’ve been playing RimWorld since before the Steam days and kept coming back.
There’s different ways to play the game, on both a normal casual gameplay standpoint and on a roleplaying standpoint.
The modding community is amazing, and in my opinion, is the reason RimWorld got so popular and addictive.

I personally always play RimWorld with at minimum about 20 mods, and sometimes up to about 100-200 mods at a time.
But don’t let that say ‘The game is only fun with mods’, because this isn’t made by Bethesda. Even if you don’t want mods, or don’t want a whole lot of mods,or even if you want an army of mods, RimWorld has plenty to offer.

For a story, you can argue that there is both a story and no story at all, it just dictates how one views it.
And there are quite a few ways to ‘end’ the game without having all your colonists dead.. You can find a ship in the world or have an event ping one to you, and use it to escape.. You can create your own ship and get off world with it.. You may get lucky and be offered to leave the world with all of your colonists by a trader.. And lastly as far as i know of, you can place everyone in cryosleep and hope for the best. And if any of those are from mods, I’m sorry since I personally always play with mods.

The only thing I would change about RimWorld, is to give it a stronger engine to be able to deal with the laggy 150+ pawn raids, and optimize the game for even more mods since most of my problems are getting red text in the console for ‘Duplicate code’ for having multiple race mods.

I’m happy I found RimWorld when I did years ago, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys colony survivals.. Either for the challenge or for casual play.

There are plenty of mods of most kinds for anyone and more to come as time goes on. And the storytellers through both modless and modded gameplay adds plenty to the game, whether challenge or for sandboxness.

TL;DR: RimWorld is an amazing sandbox game made by Ludeon Studios that allows you to control a colony, or even have a nomadic playstyle. There are multiple difficulties for the game to suit everyone’s desires as well.

I have two questions, why is this game early access and is it the best game ever made ? 108 hours and I only installed it a week ago, obviously I’ve not slept much and had to take 3 days off work. Dont buy this game, it will wreck your life as it has mine.
I installed it at the same time as doom and mad max and I’ve not even looked at those, this game now controls me. I will say the first 5 minutes I almost rage quitted as couldn’t make anything do something, I’m glad I made it through those first few minutes although it came at a cost of insomnia.
So I normaly play games on a hard level, no reason to be any different here with a cutsie looking game, WRONG, I chose hard setting and permafrost mode, things went well for an hour or so was just building rooms, thinking this is nice, then a small raid turned up, i killed those got some weapons and I’m thinking I’m great. Then a flash flood, with lightning, nothing bad happening with that or so I thought, the rain stopped but the lightning carried on for a few more seconds enough time to start 3 small fires miles away, I figured I’d leave the fires to do their thing then a couple of days later ( ingame days) I was surrounded by this wall of fire, my 4 chars are doing their best to stamp out the flames but 4 people with no water dont stand much of a chance and so it turned out, a few minutes lates my whole building is burnt to the ground and my people are dying, I quit, chose an easier setting and kept permafrost mode ( wrong again ) . Had to quit again, I’m now playing on the second to easiest setting with no permadeath and I specialy chose my survivors before starting this time. This game is incredibly fun, but you are only seconds away from dissaster and having everything erased right before your eyes. My advice is save regulary, dont select permafrost, or atleast until you know what you’re doing. I’m not sure the 3 storytellers make any difference , they all seem to throw anything at you.
This game is hard but very rewarding, you will care about your colonists and even their slightist injury, the enemies are not clue dead either, they will look for cover to shoot from, forcing you to do the same.
So is this game better than Rome, my favourite game of all time, hard to say ,been so long since I played rome but if I had Rome installed, I would still be playing rimworld.

Here’s a story about the settlement of Escalalan:
Gil (Giggles), John (Blitz) and Julio crash landed on a strange planet. Unsure of what to do, they quickly built a small shelter and went to sleep.
That night, Blitz told Giggles of his love and they began a lovely romatic relationship.
Julio, wakes up the next morning only to be ignored by Giggles as she has fallen madly in love with Blitz, who, proposes to her that very day.
With the wedding planned, all was going well in the little settlement until…they came.
The beavers came out of nowhere, it was not expected. Julio and Blitz went out to tackle the mennace before the trees were all eaten. Julio reached the beavers first. The first shot was fired and the beavers swarmed. They caused Julio to collapse before turning on Blitz who was trailing behind. The beavers took the oportunity to attack Blitz too. With both of them incapacitated, Giggles was the only one left. She waited until the next morning until the beavers had disperced and took the opportunity to rescue her fiancee and her friend.
With both Julio and Blitz recovering in the shack, Giggles now needed to step up and do all of the work and harvest the crops that had been planted a few days ago.
Infection set in for both Blitz and Julio and it looked like the end. Blitz managed to develop an immunity but Julio did not. He woke up and completely lost his mind and began to attack Blitz. Giggles, forced to protect her lover, attacked and killed Julio. Despite being a cannibal, Giggles allowed Julio to be burried.
One year later and three new people had joined the settlement: Danil, Sienna, and Barrick (the local pirate leader). Giggles and Blitz had been happily married and were spending all of their time together. They managed to just get through the winter, thanks to some amazing hunting skills by Danil and Blitz. However, at the beginning of Spring, everything went downhill. A volcanic winter combined with toxic fallout decimated the settlement with everyone but Barrick coming down with toxic poisoning and with Giggles and Danil developing dimentia. With four out the five settlers unable to move due to severe starvation and Barrick unable to harvest crops, the settlement met an untimely end and thus ends the love story of Blitz and Giggles.

10/10 – Would destroy settlement with man eating beavers again

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