Map Edit Tools

MOD Desc
Formerly Roof Dev Tool

Adds new tools that make editing the map easier. To use, just open Architect -> MapTools
Add/remove any roof type
Change terrain to any type
Instantly smooth floor/walls

Other changes:
nondestroyables (such as steam geysers) can be destroyed

Should work with everything.

Can be added/removed to saves without issues.

Feel free to suggest new tools if there is something you want to be able to do (or something you want to be easier to do)

Ludeon Forums:

Mod – Herigony
Japanese Translation – Proxyer

I’m really missing this mod for its ability to forcibly-smooth walls and add/remove overhead mountains, and would seriously appreciate an update for 1.1.Walls: I’m having a weird issue with rock walls in corners. It seems that, in 1.1, you can no longer manually smooth these walls. Instead, they are auto-smoothed when you smooth two of the left/right/up/down rock walls – but only if the other two of left/right/up/down are *not* constructed walls. And I have a probably-mod-related issue that prevents me from setting smoothed walls via the debug console.Overhead: Don’t you hate it when there is no (practical) way to make an open space of the right size? Or when 3 tiles in the middle of your freezer have ‘thin rock roof’ rather than ‘overhead mountain’? I certainly do…

Well the tool that I personally like to see is one that allows the edit of WaterInfo/riverOffset. Being able to place moving water tiles but not being able to make the river overlay or whatever it is actually called it a minor downer. I would definitely be more of a chore to implement than fog/roof tools, though I would guess that being able to flow direction/flow border/no river via a list like the set map tile type might be possible, but I don’t know enough yet about how the game is actually storing the data outside of save files to a complete suggestion.Although if I get irritated enough with my terraformed river not matching up with the water tiles and I get a better understand of the actual inner working of the save data then I’ll report back, though one would probably have a better understanding of how things actually work from the code instead of taking a more of a black box approach and trying to reverse engineering it from the save data.Keep up the good work.

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