NilchEi Personality Traits

MOD Desc
Adds following three traits into the game: Competitive, Fickle, Tsundere.


  • Global learning speed +75%
  • -8 Mood debuff if sum of all skills is lower than that of any colonist.
  • +12 Mood buff if sum of all skills is highest in the colony (when there are more than two colonists).


  • Changes passion occasionally (once per 40 days in average)


  • More likely to slight and insult someone they like, and less likely to slight and insult someone they hate.
  • Behaves normally towards spouse, fiance, and lover.
  • -10% Pawn market value

Compatible with any mods that don’t change Slight and Insult workerClass.

It’s like a simplified version of Dwarf Fortress, which is both good and bad. DF has a really tough barrier for entry, as it’ll take you a solid 20+ hours just to learn the basic mechanics that prevent you from instantly running out of food/resources and dying. On the flipside, once you’re 200+ hours into DF you’re still discovering new mechanics and learning more efficient ways to play the game. RimWorld on the other hand is a bit more 1-dimensional. Within 20-30 hours you’ll have essentially mastered most of the mechanics in the game. Where I’m at (near 200 hours) the game is pretty easy, and I find myself ramping up the difficulty by intentionally harvesting organs or killing prisoners just because I know I can deal with the mood repercussions that come afterwards.

There’s a certain ‘resource-dependency’ issue in RimWorld also, where you’ll find yourself harvesting all the resources in your given area, and then sorta being locked in for the rest of the time you play that save file. Deep drilling helps and whatever, but I guarantee that at some point your colony will run entirely out of steel, components, and medicine, and you’ll find yourself just selling everything your colonists make in exchange for the resources you need.

Additionally, especially on a larger map size, the game starts to run like crap, especially if you have a buncha stuff planned for building (floors in specific cause a lot of lag for some reason). I mean, this is sort of expected with any civ-building, nearly all of them will get very resource-intensive towards the end-game parts, but it’d be nice if this could be addressed and optimized such that I don’t have to cater some of my decisions around not accidentally making the game crazy laggy.

On a positive note, the devs are still very active and constantly adding and changing mechanics of the game. I really wish there was more emphasis on setting up multiple colonies within the same map, such that I could trade between 2 colonies that I control on different spots on the map. From what I can see, that’s not really possible as of yet, and the game starts to get unplayably laggy if you set up the largest map size and then try and colonize two areas at once (which is an option you have to toggle in the settings).

Overall, if you like any sort of civilization-building stuff (ie: Banished, Dwarf Fortress, Prison Architect, etc.) then RimWorld is a great choice for you. On the flipside, if you really NEED the late-game complexity of a game like Cities: Skylines or Dwarf Fortress, you might find yourself getting a bit bored with RimWorld, as the game doesn’t ‘advance’ that much beyond what you initially start off with.

Lastly, the modding community is pretty phenomenal with RimWorld, and they’re constantly making the game better in areas that lack advancement. One big mod that I highly recommend, and I can’t really live without now, is Fuses/Circuitbreakers. The ‘Zzzt!’ message would often mean the end of my entire colony if I wasn’t paying attention and a fire began indoors, sort of a bogus/cheap way to lose a lot of hours of effort. At least with circuit breakers and fuses I can prevent the total destruction of my colony, and I think it’d be nice if they added it in the game as an official structure.

10/10 would harvest lungs again.

Definitely worth the money. If you are thinking of buying it, DO IT. NOW.
My first colony just died, and boy it was a journey, let me tell you the story of love, war, and toxic rain.

We crash somewhere around the equator of the planet, which is good, the temperatures are good for farming. I build a small house for my colonists, and everything is nice. We have a dog named Amanda

Fast forward a few months, my colony has grown to 5 people. All the original characters are still there, but we have 2 new faces. One ninja assassin, and one doctor. Everything seems well, everyone is happy, satisfied with their life, and they all like each other.

One day, a thick cloud of some toxic substance descends upon the colony. It kills all wild animals, and forces my colonists to stay indoors for most of the day. It lasts over a week. During this time we get raided by pirates, and they kill one of the colonists. Everyone is sad.

The next day, someone runs up to our colony and begs for protection from a nearby tribe. We accept her, because we are good people. Even though we are now completely without food, because our farms have died from the toxic rain, and we have not yet aquired the necessary tools and knowledge for proper efficient indoor farming.

The tribals attack, and kill one of the colonists. They also kidnap another colonist, and then retreat. While retreating they manage to injure the legs of a colonist so badly that she cannot walk anymore.

One of my colonists is now so hungry that he starts eating the newly killed colonist, in front of his fiancée.

A rare creature whose skin is worth a lot of money appears near the colony, and the colonists decide the only way to survive is if they kill it, eat it’s meat, and sell it’s skin in order to buy medicine, food and gear.

The creature does not react peacefully to the sudden attack from the one colonist able to fight (at this point there were 3 left, one was strictly non-violent, and the other was so badly injured she could not walk.) and knocks him unconscious. The last colonist who can still do things walks out of the house and is gretted by the jaws of the creature. She dies almost instantly.

2 of my colonists are still alive, slowly dying. It’s a race between starvation and bleeding out. The toxic rain is slowly starting to slow down.

‘The rain. . . it stings on my face, as I lie here, with broken bones and bleeding wounds. All my friends are dead, I will be too, very soon.’

‘Amanda will die too. She can’t die. She has done nothing wrong’

‘She can run to another colony if the weather clears up. Maybe it’ll be clearer tomorrow. . . I need to sleep now.’

‘Goodnight, cruel world. . .’

This was only my first colony. And there will be more. The stories that you make in your mind when you play this game are vivid and detailed, and the game itself has many features that aid in the storytelling. It simulates social encounters, love, hate, wounds and scars on different bodyparts, character history, childhood, and much more. You attach yourself emotionally to the colonists, and when they are hurt, or die, you feel sad. You want to help them as much as you can, and you will do anything to keep them alive.


So I’m sitting here in the wee hours of the morning, wondering where on earth hours of my life just went. Care to take a guess as to what is the cause? 🙂

What started as a ‘oh, I’m just going to start a new colony on Rimworld and play for thirty minutes’ became a, ‘j-j-j-just a few more minutes. W-well, maybe another few more!’ Once you start going down this road, it’s already too late.

Rimworld has taken you! How, you ask?

Amazingly cool stuff keeps happening ingame–power shut outs, solar flares, and all sorts of hostility emerges at every turn, and it leaves you hanging like any really good novel, comic, or TV show series — what happens next??
Can I get myself out of this new conflict?

Also, add the amazing option to customize your game with a near-infinite amount of mods on the Workshop and you can hand-tailor an experience according to your needs. Seriously!!!
Don’t believe me regarding the immersion and feeling of being drawn into the game? This is coming from someone who never was good at colony building / management / RTS games:

–Story of Tommy, botched Caravan Retrieval Mission: (recap and regret)
I’ll never forget the suspense as the rain started to cascade around my makeshift base, the dwindling flames of the campfire all but extinguished by the exposure, dampness, and chill that seemed to crawl in like the encroaching shadows.

The dim glow of flickering firelight revealed the somber image of a pale, unconscious man whom I had pulled out from the wreckage of a jump pod hours prior. His pallid face was wet with sweat, and he seemed to shiver uncontrollably through the layers of leaves and cloth I had draped him with.

My own body too was broken and torn from the perilous, labyrinthian route taken to reach him to forage for more medicine– the foothills were rife with peril at every turn, and a single misstep almost cost me my life.

Everything hurt.
Everything was numb.

We exchanged quiet conversation as the flames died to embers, his voice beginning to shake and weaken. A glance at his vitals showed that the campfire in all of its power was not enough to keep him warm. A shiver ran down my spine as I sat and watched hopelessly as the world began to consume us both, feasting gluttonously on our collective despair, draining us of any hope that we would see the sun rise.

As the weather worsened and the pale frost began to encrust my vision, I gripped his hand, knowing well that this was probably going to be goodbye.

The sun, in fact, did rise, but only one of us got to see it. If only I had been more prepared, perhaps I could have saved him. All that was left was the question that haunted the recesses of my battered mind, ‘could I have done more?’


Thanks for reading! Seriously though. This game is extremely story-rich — the most amazing thing is that YOU create the story as you go along, guided by the A.I.

So far, Cassandra has been my only muse in this barren, desolate world!

You don’t need triple AAA graphics for an amazing and unforgettable experience. I say that triple-A belong on batteries, not games XD hehe.

Rimworld is AMAZING and worth every penny!

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