Caravan Auto-Bedroll

MOD Desc
Do you ever send a caravan on its way and forget to pack bedrolls for your colonists? Not anymore!

Right after you close the caravan dialog box, and right before your caravan starts packing, this mod checks to see if you’ve included enough bedrolls for everyone. If you didn’t pack enough, and if you have some laying around uninstalled, it adds them to the packing list until everyone will have one. Your colonists will then gather them along with all of the other caravan goods and go on their way.

Mod can be safely added and removed without breaking saves.


Bedrolls are sorted in terms of comfort, best ones are taken first.

Only items that appear in the caravan dialog are eligible for consideration. This dialog only seems to recognize items from within your Home area, and only ‘uninstalled’ bedrolls should ever be eligible.

The default bedrolls only ever appear in stacks of one; if there’s a mod that allows stacks of multiple, it should be compatible. (Hasn’t been tested.)

In the vanilla game, only bedrolls satisfy bed_caravansCanUse in BuildingProperties, but if any mods add additional building definitions that have this property set to true, they should be compatible. (Hasn’t been tested.)

If you need to use this mod with 1.0, you can download or compile it from the last compatible version:


[v4](2020-03-01) Upgraded Harmony, added 1.1 compatibility, broke 1.0 compatibility
[v3](2019-04-04) Will now display warning instead of putting a caravan over its weight limit
[v2](2019-03-25) Changed sort from item quality to actual bed comfort
[v1](2019-03-22) Initial version

Future to do list:
* Check pod launches as well
* Settings (CheckRegularCaravans, CheckPodLaunches, AllowOverWeight, etc)
* Inject settings toggles directly on to caravan formation dialog

Feel free to help with any of those. Pull requests are welcome!

I liked the base game just fine, but similar to Minecraft – it is the mods that will give it longevity.

With the mods I recreated my immediate family – me, the wife, and three kids. Customized appearances, behavior, etc.

We crashed and on the first day got to work surviving.
While clearing a structure the ceiling caved in – wife lost her nose & daughter’s left eye was crushed – her cat was killed.
My daughter could no longer shoot straight, but we struggled on.

Days later wild beavers entered our territory.
My daughter and I went out to kill them.
Shot my daughter in the arm by accident, but thankfully she still could use it. Beavers all dead.

Ignored a survivor in an escape pod, they died – oh well, they were psychotic.
Then my dog died from a snake attack – sad day, but still had a pet warg.

Daughter caught malaria, was doing good, and then we ran out of medicine and she took a turn for the worse…
Visitors showed up, but they didn’t have medicine, only malari-block – useless after the fact.
Daughter died…

Cursed the mods for allowing me to recreate my entire family, but struggled on.

Warg died during a raid…

Started up the save I made right when the game started – not without my warg dammit!

Rimworld is a Colony survival / management game, with some incredibly deep and meaningful mechanic systems that mesh together to make a very very awesome game if you are into this genre.

Ive played Rimworld easily for 100+ hours prior to it releasing on steam, and from the moment I started playing it when I first found out about the game (which at this point i dont remember how i found it, maybe kickstarter) every time you play the game, there are very good chances of you being put into an interesting situation where you have to make a decision that has implications down the road.

It is always a pleasure to start a new colony as the new alpha versions get released since they are usually packed with new features and systems in an already complex yet simple game. Simply starting my colony in this steam release of alpha 14 show me something ive never encounted before, which makes for an interesting story. (my three colonists happen to be a mother and her 2 sons)

I could go on and on about the game, but in the end, its your own personal journey through the game that will be very unique and hopefully you find interesting.

There is base building, farming, combat, injury, trading, pets, disastors. seasons, temprature, reasearch, crafting, all woven together so elegantly!

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