Chemical Distilling for Combat Extended

MOD Desc
This mod can also be found on Github.[]

A minor add-on for players who don’t like the current means available to produce FSX using the Biofuel Refinery. While somewhat labor intensive and costly in terms of Chemfuel, it does provide an alternate method to reliably produce them for the production of weapons.

The current ratio is 5 Chemfuel to 1 FSX. This may be adjusted in the future as needed.

Load after Combat Extended. Save game compatible. Please note, this mod is supplemental content not directly created, endorsed, or supported by the Combat Extended team. If you encounter any issues or have any requests, please direct them towards me.

☑ Very
☐ Gooey
☐ Chonky
☐ Thorough
☐ Pfft
☐ There

—Things what do—
☑ All
☐ Too
☐ Lots
☐ Some
☐ Few
☐ A one

☐ Crunchy
☑ Warm
☐ Healthy
☐ Malnourished

☐ Egg
☑ Burnt Toast
☐ Jetski
☐ Vapour

☐ Salmon
☑ Potato
☐ Coriander
☐ Sour Cream
☐ Peppercorns

☐ Soft
☐ Tutorial
☐ Monkey
☐ Big hen
☑ Rock hard

☐ Piddle
☐ Crazy Cat Lady/Gentleman
☐ Zoo
☑ Noah’s Ark

☑ You buy
☐ Maybe buy
☐ Piggy bank go smash
☐ Pocket fluff

☐ Some insects appear
☑ Oh wow look at these insects
☐ Eyeball

What!? You…just have it please…why…why are you asking me!? I didn’t make the game. Just buy it from them. Please. Stop shouting at me!

5 out of 5 Gold Stars

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