Faster Parasites (Restored)

MOD Desc
Gut Worms and Muscle Parasites will be more severe but can be cured in 3 treatments instead of 5

Been playing this forever, and it gets better and better. Game of the year 2018. Great mod support and everything you want post release is here.

Old Review / First 20 hours:

What a great little fun game. This has all the management you could want and it goes for
realism. After a few failed games of my settlers dying to heatstroke, pirates, and starvation, I finally had the hang of it. I had one of my founding colonists get her jaw and leg shot off in a pirate raid, she was in bed for days, until I gave her a peg leg and a denture. Now she can walk again! Her husband is a little repulsed by her disfigurement, but at least she’s alive.

It’s pretty difficult, even on the easier settings, but you learn quick how to survive. I’m growing hops to make beer to keep my people happier. You have to hoard food once you have a few extra people, it will go fast. Build a wooden storage room with 2 ACs. Keep it cold so it doesn’t spoil. Power is important. There are many ways to generate it.

I was finally able to get a leg up on the raiders by building a single Assult Rifle once I had the means. This rifle tore into these thugs like butter, in the right hands. I also had sandbags placed outside of my base to defend. I lost people and had a few injuries and scares, but I survived and expanded into a large compound with steel and stone walls. In addition to the assault rifle, I now had a shotgun, sniper rifle, incendiary weapon, pwd (smg?), plenty of pistols and shivs. Made a longsword for the guy who prefers brawling up close. I feel OK when 4-5 pirates come knocking on our doors.

You forget this is an early access game because of how functional it is now. I’m sure they will work out the few kinks and bugs I’ve seen, but as it is, it’s a hectic fun survival strategy game. For now, there is still more to do…

ok. my first review on steam, and i pick this wonderful, interesting game.
i dont think i can really do it justice. i havent mastered this game by a long shot but i draind a significant amount of my time and i really cant say i regret it. i had fun, it was interestingand the option to turn on a real world clock on the right hand side was a god send. many times i’ve been sat at my pc, 9pm i can do a couple more hours sure i have work but it i dont need 9 hours sleep. after a couple of prison breaks and a number of raider attacks i glance at the clock 11.20pm, i can do 30 more minutes….. FALSE THAT IS A LIE NO ONE CAN JUST DO 30 MINUTES MORE YOU ARE STUCK, UNABLE TO STOP. sorry sorry. i shouldnt shout. back on track. all good. i look at the clock and it says 11.20pm, i can do 30 more minutes. beavers turn up and i get meat for months, i start getting fancy and making fine food, a couple of raider attacks i take a few prisoners, may of cut some legs off so they cant run away, failing 3 times in a row at installing a peg leg and killing the paitent each time. i glance back the the clock 1.40am. crap the bed i am screwed. better stop playing…. NOPE. i make sure everything is cool and nothing is a problem which takes about 10/15 minutes i save, save again. and then stop.

this game is a time vampire. its not perfect but things can be modded into it, nice and easy, and make what ever adjustments you like. i think this game has so much going for it.

so if you like stratergy, management, enslavement, organ harvesting, building, massive worlds thats you can travel, surprise rhino attacks out of nowhere and getting attached to people just to either watch them die or slowly but surely be replaced bit by bit, operation by operation and so much more i coukd never mention it all, then this is the game for you.
5/7 love it.

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