KF Reduced Meal Costs

MOD Desc

Meals and food will cost less. This mod has been separated from the primary one due to feedback.

Meal Cost Changes:

– Simple Meal Cost: 10 Meat/Plant (Bulk: 40 Meat/Plant) —-> 4 Meat/Plant (Bulk: 16 Meat/Plant)
– Fine Meal Cost: 5 Meat + 5 Plant (Bulk: 20 Meat + 20 Plant) —-> 2 Meat + 2 Plant (Bulk: 8 Meat + 8 Plant)
– Lavish Meal Cost: 10 Meat + 10 Plant (Bulk: 40 Meat + 40 Plant) —-> 4 Meat + 4 Plant (Bulk: 16 Meat + 16 Plant)
– Kibble Cost: 20 Meat + 20 Plant —-> 15 Meat + 15 Plant
– Pemmican Cost: 5 Meat + 5 Plant (Bulk: 20 Meat + 20 Plant) —-> 4 Meat + 4 Plant (Bulk: 16 Meat + 16 Plant)

I could not test this mod extensively, so if any issues arose when I transitioned it please let me know!

The basic game is ‘Three colonists on the way to some other planet wake up from cryosleep as their ship is breaking apart in orbit around a planet in the outer rim of known space, filled with other colonies, pirates, people who have regressed to tribal living, killer mechanoid robots, killer giant insects, and harsh weather. Their job is to build a place of their own, either to live and take over the planet from, build a new ship and escape, or find an already built ship and escape.’

And that, on its own? Is amazing. It’s a fantastic game to just sit down and get engrossed in as you try to wrestle with the fate of 3 schlubs who make friends, fight raiders, and attempt to survive long enough to either escape their fate or create a new one.

But then we get to the moddability of the game. This game is more moddable than Skyrim and a lot less prone to crashing. I’ve got mods that revamp the relationship system, add in cat/fox/mousepeople, androids, Jedi/Sith, piles of animals, tons of new clothes, a Hygiene system that adds in needs for people to clean themselves and use bathrooms, all sorts of stuff. The base game is great, and it’s how you should play the first few games to start. But the mods take what is an awesome game and turn it into one of the best values on Steam.

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