20th Century Weapons Mod Unofficial 1.0

MOD Desc
The 20th Century Weapons Mod contains a lot of weapons that can be researched and then crafted using the Gunsmithing bench. The original version of this mod was made by LiptoH (A very cool person). I updated this version from A17 to now in 1.0 but I also made many changes here and there. It’s really nice if you want a lot more of variety in weapons.

—————–My Changes:—————–
– I have reorganized it so that recipes labels are a bit more descriptive. They give the abbreviation for the type of gun then the bullet type. For example the M4A2 is labeled “(AR556) M4A2” meaning its an Assault Rifle that uses the 556 bullet def. Or the L96A1 which is “(SR762)” meaning Sniper Rifle that uses the 762 bullet def which logically is more powerful than 556.

AR = Assault Rifles, LMG = Light Machine Gun, MR = Marksman Rifle, HE = High Explosive,
MG = Machine Gun , SR = Sniper Rifle, HG = Handgun, etc.

– I gave all the weapons that were originally in this mod a recipe that can be researched than crafted unlike the original. So this does mean that some weapons you can make are going to be a bit more powerful than others such as the explosives or some of the assault rifles. As they used to be locked behind trading for what i assume was balancing reasons. So use at you own discretion.

–==!This mod does not use vanilla weapon research or follow vanilla rules for obtaining weapons!==

– All of the gun recipes are now located in the “Gunsmithing Bench” its unlocked in the same research as the machining table. This is so that the people using hundreds of weapons mods don’t have a bill list that goes off the screen because there’s too many recipes.
– Also I made some minor tweaks to some weapons.

– Generally most normal quality weapons are within the vanilla trade values. They shouldn’t be too expensive or too cheap. But keep in mind these weapons tend to be better than vanilla… or atleast used to be.

– As for the recipes they should follow a baseline within reason. Meaning there is no weapons that cost like 50 components and 10000 steel.

For example: Vanilla AR vs Modded AK47
Assault rifle 40000 Work, 60 steel, 7 component.
AK74 39000, 60 steel, 30 wood, 3 Component

– A common minor error will be from radius being too large. It’s nothing don’t worry about it.
– Everything should work but do tell me if you find any issues

—————–Final Notes: –==! I highly suggest saving a local copy. !==– —————–
-If someone would like to make a CE patch that would be appreciated.
-This mod is dead

All of the textures and sounds belong to LiptoH.
You can find the original mod here: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=22370.0
and here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=730433288

Day 1: This game sucks, I don’t know what to do! I guess i’ll look up a guide online…
Day 3: I’m starting to get the hang of this!
Day 6: Oh no, all my villagers died! Guess i’ll have to start again. Maybe i’ll do better.
Day 20: Wow, all my villagers are doing great! Wait, what’s this mysterious brick in this mountain…
Day 30: Half of my villagers are dead, but thats ok– NOT ANOTHER ING RAID
Day 60: All that remains is you Skunk, you always were my favorite…
Day 90: Skunk, you are the chosen one, the one who will guide us in our darkest times.
Day 95: Skunk is dead.
Day 100: This new game is already going great, I sure have learned from my past mistakes! Wait, what’s this mysterious brick in this mountain…

Easily no-lifeable
Fun to research
Rename the colonists to your friends names for added humor
Mods make this game infinite last

Sims Meets Fallout, and i’m loving it.
9/10 Vanilla
10/10 Mods

Hello fellow Steamers!

Rimworld is this awesome game where you land on a alien planet and can pick any spot on the planet to land @ the start of a new game. You then are getting resources and running into new foes and friends. Sometimes even your friends turn out to be your foe! Beware! Sometimes you fall in love and get married and have kids. Sometimes you get a new turkey friend and then hook it up with another turkey and they make lots of turkeys. Mmmmmm Turkey sandwhiches for days!!! Muhahah. Ohhhh noo Bettsie became crippled and I’m getting sick of feeding her in bed. Awww I’ll euthanize her!!! That was easy, now im living the dream and found a new woman who is hotter =)

The random things that happen with the AI will leave you haunted, laughing or just down right wtf just happen moments. I can’t recommend this game enough. It is Video game Crack! You don’t want to stop playing. Awwwwwwwwwwww !!! Awwwwwww!!!! This game is the best! It reminds me of Prison architech the most. Buy it and enjoy!

I bought this after seeing a popular Variety Streamer play it on Twitch, and watched a few more Completionist style videos on YouTube, and I was charmed. It’s simple graphics can run on computers not even made for gaming, and the world draws you in pretty quick.

The game as a whole has a steep learning curve though. It won’t teach you how to manage every single tab of the UI, or how accuracy calculates, or how raid mechanics work. The game expects you to play, to fail, and to learn from that failure. Made a mountain base your first run? That infestation will teach you that choice has consequences. Giant sprawling unprotected compound? Pirate raid will teach you quick.

The game will NOT hold your hand at any point. You can dull the difficulty down to an ‘easy’ level, but even then the game doesn’t teach you its mechanics and math for calculation. So if you’re looking for a game that will force you to learn through failure, and thoroughly entertain you while doing so, I think you’ll like RimWorld.

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