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The goal of this mod is to make pawns feel damage/make combat deadlier. I found inspiration in VE-CO[] to overhaul the Vanilla combat in a mod-friendly way. The way in which this mod handles that are through these features:

– Increase pain and bleeding rates to Human pawns from most damage types (no more spongy flesh pawns)
– Pawns are less likely to lose small limbs
– Pawns are more likely to be shot in the torso
– Organs are critical wounds and more likely to be hit
– Medical aid will be more necessary in the field
– Animals are slightly more robust
– Bionics and Armor become far more important
– Completely save-friendly to add or remove as you wish

All races are effected by the bleeding and pain changes. This mod also effects races using Vanilla bodies (Humans and Animals) by changing their bodypart hit chances. Feel free to leave a suggestion on races that require patching, with specifics on what needs fixing.

Compare Vanilla vs DPO

Suggested Mods To Use With Vanilla Friendly Combat Overhaul mod collection. If you do choose to use these mods, in conjunction with DPO, it will greatly change your Vanilla combat experience.

Other Notes The mod Combat Extended changes many aspects of combat, and your results may vary if using DPO with it.

External Links GitHub[]

Credit to Chicken Plucker for the sweet CE Thanos.

  • I really appreciating you letting met take a look under the hood. This is what I found. Vanilla pain rates are 1.25% per hitpoint lost, even in the case of losing a limb (!!!) and it only really spikes for burns and shredding. In your mod most wounds are 2.5% per hitpoint lost, sometimes 3% and as high as 3.75% (3x vanilla). This is actually pretty great, but because wounds often hit two locations (limb and bone, body and organ) the combined damage adds up to 80% or more downing them instantly. While all things are subjective I’m playing with 1.5% for scratches and bruises, 2% for almost anything else and 3% for limb loss, burns and shredding. People do stay up a bit longer and take a second or third nasty wound before going down… I just reduced the pain from bruises and scratches as spamming armored people was too effective.
  • Thanks for the words Lugaru.It seems pawns are too susceptible to pain, in your opinion. I’m always open to critique and adjusting the numbers to find a good balance. I tried to do a lot of testing on my own, but I still think it’s not perfect yet. I also received very little feedback from users in developing the numbers.Head over to GitHub, you’ll see the most up-to-date tables reflecting the adjusted values. Mostly you’ll be interested in ‘Bloodloss Pain’ and ‘Local Injuries’. From there in the files themselves, if you adjust the ‘painPerSeverity’ and ‘painOffset’ values, you will be able to change pawn down chance for injuries based on pain. If you don’t know how to adjust these numbers, and can’t figure it out on your own, I can help. It’s a simple process since I have the groundwork laid out.I mention it so you may test different values and give advice. Then I can test from there. Currently I do not have time to test many different values, but you seem motivated.
  • Is this compatible with Yayo Combat 3?Added injury to Torso but it should be impossible to hit it.Full log – Added injury to Torso but it should be impossible to hit it. I often randomly get it whenever a human pawn is getting hit in the torso. Never happens with other body parts. in the example it gave me this message after I killed a raider in God Mode (to save my only pawn to test a bug with other mod, unrelated to combat), but this error also happens when torso gets damage during ‘natural’ combat – in firefights and melee fights, as well as during predator attacks on downed colonists.I wonder if this is a compatibility issue, which would be strange, considering how this mod supposedly worked well with Yayo combat 2 (never tried it myself). I also use Yayo Shooting.
  • Some additional feedback: I’m absolutely loving this mod, it makes combat feel extremely dangerous without being instantly deadly. While I do not believe in ‘realism’ I’m a big proponent of things ‘feeling right’ and this mod ALMOST does. That said pawns are a little too sensitive. I ran a dozen arena battles (spawn, massacre, rinse, repeat) and way too many panws where going down over light wounds like a rifle shot to a limb. It would be amazing if they where just a little bit tougher but still a lot more sensitive than vanilla. This is so close to feeling ‘perfect’. Especially after a couple of hours of watching dozens of fights between pirates, empire and other factions… your mod makes it super obvious when somebody has an attribute or a drug in their system and that is something I love. ‘How is that guy standing?! Oh, YAYO.’.

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