Medical Supplements

MOD Desc
Adds ‘supportive’ pharmaceuticals and new food items.

Drug Chemical Mixer
Allows you to autonomously produce precursor chemicals. Though the mixer itself has ‘input’ and ‘output’ hoppers that are used to control the supply of the resources and product. There is a selector for the chemical to produce, control production and also set any sensible stock limits.

Drug Cabinet
Can be used to store items (acts as a shelf). Additionally provides some cleanliness to a room whilst boosting production of drug lab benches.

Disinfectant Stand
A disinfectant stand that passively sterilises its surrounding. It adds cleanliness for rooms and a little beauty. Great for makeshift hospital, addition to food area or bathroom (if you are using dubs hygiene.)

Requires Medicine Production and Sterile materials research. Can link to beds to boost immunity gain by 0.03% (While this gain looks marginal it can be the difference between life and death). Cost 1 component, 40 silver, 4 medicine, and 40 material of choice.

Medical Mats
Effectively medical bedrolls that can be carried in the field or as a part of caravan itinerary. There are four tech versions (Medieval, Industrial, Spacer and Ultra) which can be researched after hospital beds (except for Medieval which is after Carpet Making). Note that the items are best made in advance at a tailoring bench/crafting spot. Upon deconstruction it will return the base item used in construction and using a crafting spot will allow you to repack any uninstalled buildings to be rolled back up. For best use I would suggest using the mod ‘Pick up and haul’.

Precursor Chemicals
MS uses a number of additional precursors in the generation of the drugs. This is to add game play value and additional balancing elements for the use of the drugs. Details can be found in the Drug reference PDF below.

Details of the drugs can now be found in the following PDF:

MS Drugs Reference[]

An immunisation injection can be made after Rimoxicillin research. Made from Ethyl mercury, Neutroamine and Rimoxicillin with the use of an industrial Med kit. The immunisation will either remove the “Sickly” trait from a colonist or will add the “Super-Immune” trait instead. It is provided in the form of a self-administered injection.

Cerebrax injection
Cerebrax is an injection that removes “negative” psychic sensitivity traits. Being spacer tech it is made with Ultratech medicine, Neutroamine, Lithium Salts and Clarity. The injection will remove psychic susceptibility traits in stages, so hyper-sensitivity will require two injections.

Additional Surgical procedures:
Medical Stent: Can be used to remove arterial blockages.

Artificial back discs: Can be used to remove the bad back condition.

Advanced Surgical tools: Can be used to perform complex surgeries where additional precision tools are required. Currently used in the following:

• Removal of Cataracts. (Combined with contact lenses).

Battle Stims
Battles Stims are short term Mechanite boosters akin to Luciferium, but the negative effects are different and more controlled in that there isn’t any lethality or addiction issues. Applied by self-administered injection prior to being drafted. The Stim lasts for half a day. (Further details in the PDF).

Transcendence is a stim that is similar to the Mechanoid Neurotrainer, it is an injection of treated mechanites that will effect the neural arrangements and chemistry of the brain. The effects of transcendence are less random with the capability of ordering the applied qualities of knowledge and skills learned into more characteristic skill sets. However the amount gained is slightly less than that of a normal Neurotrainer. (Further details in the PDF).

Mod Notes
Several research projects (in a number of tabs). Recommend mods that make the management of research projects more user friendly.

Mod option to make bandage use more realistic.

Mod option to adjust the % base cost of research projects.

Examples include (but not limited to): Research Tree , ResearchPal

Includes bulk recipes as relevant. Includes bulk MS recipes for medicine and penoxy.

Also includes MS recipes for Ultratech Medicine, Healer mech serum and Ressurector mech serum as ultra tech. (Note that the Mech serums will need a number of Metasis vials to make).

Includes 3 different bandages at differing tech levels that act as a weaker counterpart to vanilla medicine but have advantages with weight, so ideal for caravan use or when medicine is limited.

Save compatible (Note: You will need to reassign new drug policies if part way through a savegame to schedule the use of the above MS drugs).

To remove the mod you would have to remove all the items introduced first.

Expansion to this Mod
Social Supplements

Utility Supplements

Compatibility Notes
Apothecary – Integrated elements.
Children, School and Learning – MSCondom will reduce fertility. (Act as birth control).
Common Ailments – Specifically adds a condom for minor STIs.
Diseases Overhauled – Adds additional MS Drug use for conditions. (See pdf above).
Electric Stone Cutting Table – Salts can be made.
Fertile Fields – Rock mill, provides Sulphur and Mercury Salts.
Kuratheris’s Extra Stone – Adds mining ‘bits’ support for stone.
LWM Deep storage – Drug cabinet uses storage capabilities.
Multiplayer – native support added (beta).
RimCuisine (V1.2) – Will use fruits and fungi in recipes.
RimCuisine 2 – Will use fruits and fungi in recipes.
RimPlas – Production of Luci.
[sd] Medical Addons – Medical Mats use ‘linkable’ facilities.
Seeds Please – Patches the plants used in the mod to be able to have seeds.
VGP Vegetable Garden – Will use fruits and fungi in recipes. (Best putting VGP before this mod in the mod order).
VGP Garden Medicine – Bulk penoxy recipe is not loaded to avoid duplication.
VFE – Medical Module – Medical Mats make use of ‘linkable’ facilities.
VFE – Production – additional compatibility with drug cabinet.

Drug Policy Fix; can be used to help manage and correct drugs added or removed part way through a save game. It will also sort the drug listings alphabetically.

Mod Medicine Patch – allows you to specify additional modded medicines (GUI), works with the mod Pharmacy.

‘OskarPotocki’: Most graphics.
‘jabbaMonkey’: Modified version of cannister graphic (with permission) for hydrogen peroxide.

‘who_stole_my_name/svc_bot’ for allowing the use of the ‘Luci Heals More’ (LHM) C# process. I have included an assembly (MS version) but the associated mod can be found here:

‘Broken Valkyrie’ – original author of the disinfectant stand.
‘Maxwell.J’ – Chinese (Simplified) Translation.
Erdnussbrot – German translation.

rar file available:

Pelador’s Discord

(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

  • don’t think it makes Luci or HM Serum obselete. Luci has more additional benefits to add with its use which have simply been removed or diminished for Metasis. This still makes Luci the best ‘combat readiness’ drug available. Metasis really only has the long term curative benefits.HM Serum is instantaneous and can regenerate lost limbs and appendages, something Metasis (or Luciferium) cannot do. Metasis takes a number of days per healing possibilty for an illness or injury, sometimes as a partly achieved process in each cycle or even not achieveing a result. So it is a longer term process that may require multiple doses dependant on the conditions and with the aforementioned limitations.I will perhaps consider making it more expensive to produce, including additional production steps to make the injection unit and Metasis fluid, then combining these elements.
  • XWith regards to other Poppy flower mod:I would need to examine the specifics of the other mod to further consider the idea of using another mod’s resource. I will also need to evaluate where in the tech tree these things apply since there are other projects and items that have dependencies on the poppy flower.These things can be patched for compatibility ‘in theory’ so, there is the possibility for either MS or the other mod to identify if the other mod is being used and apply a patch only for this scenario.In principal however, other than the apparent duplication of a similar resource I don’t see this causing any functional problem with the use of either mod. This doesn’t make it high priority concern for me and tbh I’m reluctant to place the enjoyment of the MS items being dependant on the design choices of another mod that could be readily changed.
  • in principle its the ‘complexity’ that you personally dislike? I can see that being the case for some and could be a fair criticism of scale.Appreciate that Rimoxicillin and Rimedicrem both add additional support to wound infections but Rimedicrem is more specific here to that kind of ailment whilst offering immunities that can make Rimoxicillin redundant other than the recovery or the ‘healing’ process. Rimoxicillin however provides a broader application with recovery from other conditions/ailments due to the blood filtration bonuses. So in this sense they both have their applications, with both supporting wound conditions in their own way.The counter point to supporting the scale, is that the production chain adds playability. It also offsets the use of the drugs since you have to invest into the research/production of them to have the capability that each provide.
  • (continued).I’m more likely to add an alternative Glycerol method that will have spin-off benefits however, that comprises other alternative production value. Hence I need to consider the various methods of production and seeing which might add the most/best value into the game play.e.g. If a synthetic process, that introduces other precursors used to derive Glycerol, the they would need to have other potential uses. Even if as alternative derivatives in existing recipes. MS however could be considered by some as already ‘bloated’ with content, so would want to minimise additions where possible.There is also the consideration of research prerequisites where Glycerol is concerned, which includes brewing, but the items of brewing production can control that dependency to some extent even if the chemistry of brewing is useful for some chemical productions.
  • I got a chance to play with this mod last night and everything works great. I love what it does for immersion. Thanks again.Fire cider is a nonalcoholic drink made by steeping apple cider vinegar with horseradish, garlic, ginger, hot peppers, and a bunch of other similar ingredients. Firethroat would be a fitting name for it. You’re supposed to take a shot of it every few days to ward off the cold/flu, which is why i made that connection. Just a coincidence I guess I think Metasis is a bit too strong. You’re giving someone immortality with no drawbacks. Even with the research I think it’s too easy to make considering you’re making raw luciferium and the healer mech serum obsolete. I came up with an idea: replace the herbal medicine requirement with a human heart or something similar. A bit of a hassle to obtain and also keeps with that sacrifice/devil’s bargain theme.
  • Rogers : Not sure, never used the mod. Code wise it looks like ‘more medications’ drugs simply add Hediffs that add modifiers. Assuming no crossover with Hediff definitions I would expect them to work together. MS components are defined with exclusive naming conventions to avoid conflicts. Balance wise I can’t comment, not used the mod.MS Drugs offer immunities and improvements to tended healing conditions, in addition to drugs that do stat/cap changes, removal of ferro/sensory nanites and the Metasis process as spacer tech. These applied custom processes hook into MS drugs and shouldn’t effect other mods unless there is a naming conflict.MS Drugs use more precursor chemicals in production which makes the process more involved, and market values reflect this. I try to avoid ‘wonder drugs’, with subtle effects prefered. A focus on ‘preventative’ medication. MS drugs has a process for Neutroamine. Also Social expansion mod.

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