Regenerator Nanohive

MOD Desc
I long stopped playing rimworld myself and probably won’t update any of these. Source code is included in the mod file and anyone can update and reupload without asking me for permissions. This mod will stay up for v1.0.


Adds a new security building named ‘Regenerator Nanohive’. This is capable of auto-repairing buildings, items, and auto-supressing fire within a distance.

– Automatically repairs the following things within it’s effective range 12, by 1% of it’s health, per 4.1666667 seconds.

  • Buildings you own, including nanohive itself;
  • Roofed non-corpse items;
  • Items carried or equipped by pawns you own.
  • – Automatically supresses fire within it’s effective range 12.
    – Regenerator Nanohive can fit into a wall and support roof.
    – Base Hitpoints: 350 (the same as a wall)
    – Power Usage: 1600kw
    – Construction cost: Plasteel 200; Component 20; Advanced Component 5; any construction material that can be used for a wall * 200 (or 2000 if small volume)
    – Construction skills required: 12
    – Research prerequisites: vanilla research project ‘Multi Analyzer’

    – English
    – Chinese Simplified

    Mod Recommendations:
    – ‘I can fix it!’ is recommended if you want your colony to recover itself from destroyed buildings without your manual instructions for each time it losts a building.
    – ‘No Random Breakdown + No Random Shortcircruit’ is recommended if you don’t want your nanohive to malfunction at a critical timing.

    Incompatibility: None
    Old Save Compatible: Yes
    Safely Removable: Must dismantle all nanohives first

    At first I was a little put off since this looked liked some sort of over glorified mod for Prison Architect. Then I played…. and then I was sucked into this wonderful game where I actually paid attention to my individual colonists. I knew that of my three starting colonists I had one that was basically an idiot but who would do any grunt work I needed. His sister was the complete opposite in that she could shoot and was a decent medic… however she was also was a priss and wouldn’t do manual labor. She did however have a pet siberian husky which was neat. Then I had an old timer who just happened to be in the same escape pod. He was frail, had a bad back, and was asthmatic, but he could research and cook like no tomorrow. I learned how to make them do what needed to be done, and gave a damn what happened to them.

    They were getting along just fine, had the necessities met and even a little excess to trade with. Then a bear tore the hunter/medic’s arm off and ate her siberian husky…. her idiot brother brought her back for treatment but alas she was the only medic in camp. Even though her brother and the old guy managed to stop the bleeding, the infection proved too much and they buried her next to a few raiders out back. With the medic now gone, the asthmatic died due to lack of treatment shortly thereafter. My useful idiot sank into a deep depression with the loss of first his sister, and then the old timer. He eventually just began wandering in a daze for most of his waking hours and neglecting what work he did know how to do…. he died alone on this alien planet of starvation, but I’d like to think it was more of a broken heart.

    Seriously… that was how my first game went. Every game since then has been another story like this… usually ending in some sad depressing outcome rivaling old yellow. But it sucks you in like that. As much as it may look like Prison Architect, this is something completely different and wonderful. Just go buy it!

    I dont know how much hours i put in this game, it must be a few hundred.

    Rimworld has slowly become my favorite game of all time. It is my go to game when i dont know what to play.
    Usualy it is very relaxing, the game speed can be controlled and even paused.

    I cant tell you exactly what it is that i love, for me it hits all the right spots.
    Designing a base, manage all the goods, get tru a winter, raid or illnes.
    Than there is so much detail in everything, all the stuff that can be build and has a effect.
    And the in depth social system, yes you can ignore this and all is fine. But it it there and when the time is right you wil notice.

    This game could be a bit much at first, how do i build this, how do i place that, why does this work or not work.
    But there is a wonderfull community who can tell you everything. There is also YouTube with its hundreds of hours lets plays. Espacially Blitskriegsler has some good play vids.
    And there is always the pause button, So if you need to look something up or want the time to sort stuff out. This is the best of both real time and turn based.
    Never are two play thoughs the same, The creative proces of building and taking care of your collonists is amazing.

    But €30,- is that to much for such a game?
    Not for this game it is not, dare i say it, this game is diferent. This game is a product of vision and love, not making money. The game is practically bug free, it never crashes. All the little details are wel balanced. It runs on allmost any pc.

    And if you want a change you can start with a different scenario or put in a mod. The devoloper of this game love mods. He likes it that people like his game and develop for it.

    So give it a try and i hope you see the same magic sparkle that i see. A rare thing now a days, i’m 35 and have become a bit of a cynical bastard when it comes to games. All the games do the same and have the same things that make me go meh.

    Rimworld is a 2D colony builder set in a ‘space western’ universe.

    Rimworld’s gameplay is straightforward- you click on colonists and click on actions, making them build bases, grow food, craft supplies, and fight enemies until you can build a ship to escape.

    The combat is good, but is a little confusing at first. Micromanaging everything is a fundemental part of this game and no amount of mods or settings can change that. You have to deal with a great amount of threats, such as raids, fires, weather, and of course, starvation. Raids are the primary challenge in the game, and occur at random intervals, but always scale with your current capability. I’ve never had a raid I COULDNT defeat, no matter how difficult.

    Unlimited, but a standard world will easily last 20+ hours.
    You can pay to get your name added to a list of names for generated characters if you so desire.
    A good sized amount, and quality as well. Modding is easy, drag the files to a folder and enable/disable them from the main menu.


    Pros: Long lasting, engaging. I personally enjoy planning and micromanaging every part of my colonist’s lives, and find that the hours go by quickly.

    Cons: Can be very difficult depending on the difficulty, and thus sometimes seems unfair. I’ll warn the game is so engaging its easy to loose lots of time playing and not notice.


    Who I would recommend this game to: Strategy enthusiasts, mediumcore-hardcore players.

    Who I wouldn’t recommend this game to: Casual players, people who dislike careful planning or constant combat.

    9.3/10 [CHARACTER] is binging on smokeleaf

    EDIT: Since this review, the game has been released. I’m going to have to bump up the score to 9.5 just for not keeping it in early access forever like so many do

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