[WD] Barricades!

MOD Desc
Description: This mod added barricades and changed steel to cloth for sandbags before this idea was included to the original game.

Features: 1.0
– Sandbags now require 10 cloth instead 5 steel.
– Adds barricades:
1. Wooden: 5 wood. Cheap, but weak and flammable.
2. Metal: 5 any metal. Harder to build, but stronger.
3. Stone: 5 any stone blocks. Strongest, require most time to build.
– All of them are 1×1 structures and provide 65% cover like Vanilla sandbags.
– Support any woodmetalstone from mods.

1.1 – 1.2
– Works as just a cosmetic mods that changes textures of the barricades, for those who liked them in 1.0.

Known Issues:

Saved games compatibility:
Installation: no known problems.
Remove: no know problems, not recommended.

Other mods compatibility:
– Probably doesn’t work with Combat Extented.

Previous and non-Steam versions [www.dropbox.com]
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I play naked brutality, randy random and merciless on permadeath. Needless to say most of my games don’t last long, but i love the challenge.

In my last game my solo guy got attacked by a hungry bear and managed to kill him with just his knife (+1 deadfall trap), but he still collapsed from the pain. I waited anxiously to see if he would recover on his own and when he did i changed his title to the ‘The Revenant’. He got a scratch scar and made himself a pair of pants from the bearskin.

For me this game is like a book.

When i read a book i use my imagination to draw the characters and places using the author’s descriptive writing and i can ‘watch’ the drama and action unfold in my head.

When i play this game, I find myself doing the same thing. The character traits and the story teller events create a story and i can image the live action movie behind the games’ pixels.

I definately recommend.

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