Adeptus Mechanicus: Xenobiologis (Playable Tau, Kroot)

MOD Desc
RimWorld 1.0 & 1.1 Adds plyable Warhammer 40k Tau
Requires new start or a faction manager mod to have faction bases on the world map.

This mod includes a compatability patch for the latest version of Combat Extended. Thanks for the assistance Saebbi!

A Tau is Required to Build and Research Tau Technologies
Contents Races:
Tau – Humanlike
Gue’vesa – Humanlike
Kroot – Humanlike
Kroothound – Animal
Krootox – Animal
Knarloc – Animal

Tau Combat Armour
Tau Combat Helmet
Kroot Tribalwear
Kroot Tribal Headdress

Grenade Packs (Frag, EMP, Photon)
Drones (Shield, Markerlight)

Fio’Tak – a crafting material used in the almost all tau construction
Tau component – Tau component counterpart
Mor’tonium – advanced Tau crafting material

Kroot Adaptability – All Kroot posess an ability that gives them a small chance to absorb traits from humanlike corpses by eating them(Max 4, respects MaxTraitSlots mod limit)

Humanoid Alien Races 2.0
Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury R1.0

Other Playable Races

Adeptus Mechanicus: Magos Xenobiologis (Playable Orkoids)

Adeptus Mechanicus: Magos Xenobiologis (Playable Eldar)

you have my full permission to rebalance/patch/translate this mod, just please link back to the original 🙂
This does Not include reuploading it on other websites without my Express Permissions.

Please when reporting Bugs/Errors let me know which of my Other mods if you are using any of them, makes reproducing and tacking down issues much easier 🙂

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  • Aaand here’s the one with the Hygiene issue: I’m unsure if it’s Tau-wide, but none of my other pawns (human, Crystal, Ni’Hal, Zabrak) are having any issues with receiving medical care or having showers/baths. She CAN use sinks to wash though, and as far as I can gather she can do everything else without issue (2 year colony at the moment with Sio’las as a starting colonist).
  • Having no need for social skills, no mood buffs or debuffs, No change in skills and their regenerative properties(not much need for doctors, though one could argue that tomb spyders would be the equivilent).Im not really sure how crafting would be handled, i dont imagine that necron Lords, Destroyers, Warriors, Immortals or Wraiths/Flayed ones do it, Scarbs/Tomb spyders maybe?, but then you end up with the issue that most of your colonists cant do much work, and i dont think scarabs would be colonists, maybe animals, like ive implemented the Snotlingz in the Orkz mod, steel/plasteel seem a Little mundane for their level of tech, so some method of creating necrodermis is needed.Not like they wear clothing/armour, only weapons and wargear would be required for them.Scarabs could be the builders/miners but the idea of them hauling resources back and forth sounds a little silly to me(i think it would look kinda weird mostly).
  • Yes, they prety much exclusivly use my modded weapons, im not sure how well the game would handle the race without them, i will add making a patch to check if my weapons are installed and if not, use base game guns to my todo list(though its rather a long list at this point), but im not gonna have internet in a couple of days for a few weeks, so i wont be able to upload anything
  • do you think you can make the Shas’ui helmets white for the T’au sept? i know that’s a dumb request, but its something i’ve always liked about the T’au sept how they did there ranking with the squad leaders having white helmets. i don’t mean to sound annoying, or anything its just wanna of those small details that all was bothered me, you know? which it doesn’t really matter just wanted to see if you could do it. anyway, the mod is looking awesome!! keep up the good work! love you, man!! no homo!
  • ive said before, I dont really think that it makes much sense to play as necrons(or tyranids) in a colony sim game like RimWorld. Given that they are unfeeling unthinking machines (since i really dislike what GW have done with them in the more recent editions i use 3rd edition necrons as a base, though i have added some stuff from later editions, as a rule of thumb i tend to stick to 3rd/4th/5th editions as those are what i played) they would be Seriously OP.They dont EatCookFarmHandle Animals or Sleep(unless they go into hibernation/stasis), wouldnt really take prisioners to recruit(ive not done textures for Pariahs yet, and even then, it wouldnt be the vanilla recruiting process, so that would need to be disabled when playing as them and it would need to be impossible to recruit necrons when playing as other races).
  • When it comes to getting more, being able to build Lords, Destroyers, Warriors, Immortals or Wraiths/Flayed ones doesnt sound quite right to me, neither do the vanilla methods of increasing your colonistsAnd just think of the C’tan…not even gonna start on them, this is lengthy enough as it is… but do you Really want Nightbringer running around on your rim? :Dso while im not saying Never, there are quite a few things that need to be figured out before i even start on it, and these are just the issues im thinking of off the top of my head, theres bound to be things im not thinking of that will need some thought put into it. These are very similar to the issue with Nids and chaos forces being playable, making it make sense in the context of the game, without having rewrite half of the base game

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