DeepRim (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of meowmeows mod


Non-steam version:

– Added smoke to the drill when drilling
– Added Send up-button to the underground drill

— Original Description —
Allows construction of mining shaft, which can drill down and bring you new maps to explore and mine for resource.
Never run out of ores!
Avoid the lazy Deep drill with this new revolutionary mining method!

– Start by building a mining shaft and click start. It requires power while drilling. (It’s not magic, duh)
– Once finished, you get the option to send people and item down
– They’ll end up in the underground map, full of rocks and ores to mine.

Will there be raids in the underground?
Unlikely. I can’t say for sure. Raids can probably still be forced for underground, but it’ll probably just spew some red errors. Can’t say what will happen, since there’s quite a number of storyteller, and some are custom.

Will this mod works with [X]?
Most likely. If there’s any incompatibility issue, please tell me.

Will [Custom Ore of some mod] spawn underground?
If it spawns above ground, it will likely spawn underground (Assuming that the mod configured them correctly, instead of writing a code to spawn spawn ore after your pawns landed) . At the moment, it is confirmed that hardcore SK’s ores spawn correctly underground.

LAG! LAG! LAG! It’s lagging!
That’s not a question. But yes, this mod will take more CPU when drilling a new layer, specifically, when the drilling is done, and a new layer is generated. It only last a moment though, after that, you should be fine. There’s no solution for this at the moment, unless Rimworld somehow does multi-threading. Having too many layer will also cause lag. Try to avoid that.

How do I move item from one layer to another?
Put a stockpile zone on the lift, move whatever item you wish to move. Use the bring up/move down feature to move the items. (Items, pawns, and animals are all moved by the lift in the same way)

Planned Feature:
Multiple shaft to single map, allowing tunnels to be made
Deeper layers will have different map generation method. For example, lava and hotter in deeper layer.

Author/Mod Team
Me. Just me. I think, for now.
Oh, wait. Asset by jabbamonkey is used.

I have been playing that game since the early kickstarter days. I probably have more than a 1000 hrs on it. I saw it evolve to become a very fun and very detailed colony building game. At this stage of devlopement (ALpha14) the game is fully playable, very well balanced and will offer you hundreds of hours of gameplay.

-Extemely engaging game. You care about your little colonist when something bad happen to them.
-Pretty graphics.
-Big fan base with lots of mods
-Good sound fx and soundtrack (the soundtrack is little limited ATM)
-Great atmopshere
-Great range of difficulty setting. From the story teller to where you choose to land, your game can be very easy to extremely difficult
-LOTS of freedom in the way you want to build and manage your colony
-Detailed trade/medical/crafting systems and mechanics
-Canadian studio

As of Alpha 13, the only end game objective is to build a ship to leave the planet.
Limited music (i usually play mp3 over the game music)

I honestly cant think of anything else..thats how much i like this game.

Buy it! Now!

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