MOD Desc
Will try and update to 1.1 sometime this month when I find time, I do not plan on getting the Royal DLC so support for that is not guaranteed.

Adds a glowing plant similar to Glowstool, useful for outdoor lighting and gives 5 herbal medicine per harvest.

Survives extreme colds.

Long lifespan and not destroyed on harvest.

Grows without sunlight at a 50% rate.

Idea by – Viirin

Description A very rare plant that makes very potent natural medicines but is difficult to grow.

Emits a soothing tone when harvested which scientists believe to be it’s dying screams. It also glows, neat.

NOT Nirnroot.

23rd November 2016
Absolutely fantastic game, the ability to build a fortress deep in the mountains and defend the entrance as the only point of entry allows me to facilitate around 10 guards and as many sentry guns as i like on it. Doing this allows me to thwart any invader.

The Sieges are fun too, only had one so far and i had to use two snipers to pick them off and a grenadier that got badly damaged his left kidney was shot, but he was patched up nicely later on. I am glad considering i had no resources to make some of my prisoners……….Willing organ donors :D. Nah but ill get their kidneys later.

10/10 Organ stealing simulator

PS, Really get this game if you are so much into simulation!

22nd April 2019

Wow three years on and this game has improved a great deal in terms of reliability. The mods are absolutely amazing, let me demonstrate.

So far my most effective play through (effective as in the way of having fun) is to eclipse myself into the range of mods available for the game. I currently run a Fourth reich inhabited citadel fortress deep in the mountains of a dense jungle mountain biome. I have matter replicators which endorse a wide range of unlimited materials that my fourth reich uses extensively. From producing masterwork Mg42’s, STG 44’s and quality k98 sniper rifles.

I have extensively searched for the superior specimen humanoid in order to breed the ultimate soldier that can perform his duties to my expectations. Having the Psychopathic trait, very neurotic trait, and sanguine trait allows them to practically never break thanks to the sanguine and psychopathic traits that endorse no remorse during the killing of unwanted subjects, and in the field of battle. As well as having the best skillset required Shooter with passionate learning tendency. Very neurotic allows the fellow super soldiers to perform tasks with utmost confidence.

All are equipped with the finest SS and other forms of Soldaten gear, ranging from the finest quality crafted stahlheims and the best uniforms.

One of the utmost achievements of my impenetrable facility that boasts a wide security net of heavy plasma sentry weapons, is the fact it has been complimented with a vast and elegantly designed medical facility. With a medical replication unit providing resurrection and healing stimulants. With the best quality glitterworld medicine. The hospital beds are made from the finest plasteel fabricated in the workshop, as well as the flooring of not only the entire medical facility, but the entire citadel class bunker is comprised of silver sterile flooring.

Vital monitors are on standby at each bed, as well as the fact each bed also has a life support unit allowing me to easily and efficiently harvest every bloody organ and part of the unwanted clone subjects that i deem unworthy if i decide medical experimentation.

The facility is also powered by two nuclear reactors both boasting 20kw of raw power each, but also a vast array of vanometric power cells. The facility also has 10 consoles capable of teaching any skill to any colonist in the form of a build order.

The facility also provides a death chamber in which unwanted subjects or subjects of annoyance to the inhabitants can spend around five hours in before succumbing to the effects of extreme hypothermia.

Thanks to the climate control mod, the entire facility can be cooled or heated up to a temperature that i desire, i have done some experimentation and the highest i have attained was no more than 268C while i imagine the sub below would be higher. Refraining from killing my loyal soldaten’s and husky residents i maintain a comfortable temperature of 21C at all times.

My complex feeds all hungry soldiers of the new Reich thanks to a bio replicator that feeds raw produce into the replomat modded dispensers and system. This allows my messhall to look like something high tech with dispensers where everyone can enjoy a beer or lavish meal in the company of thy fellow kameradens.

The facility also houses the finest prosthetic manufacturing means and adjacent implant + organ storage that rimworld can build. Bionical implants as well as control implants for the brain for those that choose to be non conforming can enjoy the finest medical surgeries provided by the finest director of reich medicine possibly available.

The facility also has the state of the art cloning from the simple cloning mod that allows me to field new and easy subjects for my means to fabricate a future for my faction. I also use the cloning mod and have a facility inside the complex that uses the questionable ethics mod. Which also allows me to grow organs but this tedious process is more maintaining and it is better to harvest unwanted invaders when they decide to attack and ultimately fail thanks to my defense network. Although the defense net has a tendency for blowing off limbs more than other sentry units due to the fact they are heavy weapon emplacements.

I have a mortar unit comprised of three plasteel mortars at the front for and giggles.

The facility also houses a crypt, in which buried reichfolk can lie in rest, but usually i resurrect the expensively made residents. Unless they become mind sick due to being resurrected too much and too far long.

The facility has a state of the art prison unit that facilitates and maintains a wide number of prisoners, although this facility is bound to be extended from a max capacity of two to twenty individuals.

I plan on building a state of the art research facility that comprises of a high tech bench, analyser and thanks to the brain harvesting mod, multiple brain units comprised with many victims brains in order to achieve decadent research opportunities with ease.

I must add that thanks to Genetic Rim the facility houses a state of the art genetic laboratory and sample storage system that when harvesting the numerous corpses boasts a significant amount of genetic material.

The workshop also fields a resource fabrication unit and your typical workshop benches such as machine table and tailoring to produce the finest quality gear.

The armoury is currently only accepting masterwork weaponry.

The more conforming individuals enjoy a fine barracks while the more savoury folk of the newly formed reich enjoy a double spacious room with double beds and multiple furnishings. Most of them are homosexual due to cloning traits and also lack of women. But more space for everyone else!

This facility is expanding…

Current Population 29 + 1 prisoner


#1 – Genetic Modification Facility

#2 – Medical, Crypt, Emergency power + training console, Simple Cloning with Prosthetic Manufacturing and storage as well as Questionable Ethics Organ Synthesise and cloning chambers to the right.

#3 – From left to right, Climate control (red lighted room) Food fabrication and distribution + neighbouring death chamber, Armoury, Mess Hall, Lavish Residential Quarters, Nuclear Reactor Center.

#4 – Nuclear Reactor #1 + Barracks

#5 – Outside climate control unit and feed

#6 – Defense Network Perimeter

#7 – The Entire Facility

#8 Prisoner Holding Facility + Prison Operating Theatre

#9 Megalithic Brain Consortium Research Facility

#10 The ultimate hybrid animal under my direct control muhahahaha (Insect + Mechanoid)

When I was first recommended this game, I thought to myself, ‘Man, $30 for some indie game I have never heard in my damned life. Sounds like a scam to me.’

Well, as it turns out, I bought it anyway. And for what the $30 is worth?

It’s a ing scam.

The game plays out where you have a couple people on a ship, or something, and crashlanding into what is pretty much a space version of the wild west.

These pawns are what pretty much what you use to play the game. You essentially kind of psudeo-control these pawns that don’t have functioning brains, and you set up schedules, work priorities, all that colony simulator stuff. The entire game is just based around managing your colony; at least, that’s what my first impressions were.

A random bandit raid comes 30 minutes into the game. Only one guy. Probably a self-proclaimed pirate. No big deal, my pawns just gunned him down.

Now, we have this unslightly guy outside of our base, bleeding out because he thought he could 1v3 my colony like he was some Metal Gear assassin sort of guy.

Oh, then I checked his stats.

You see, in this game, pawns have these designated stats that are all trainable. These stats are sort of like an RPG trope ordeal where you have to train them at those skills so they get better stats. The pawns I started out with, one was an okay constructor, the other a doctor, and the third one was not good at anything, but she could still kind of get the job done.

Now, this pirate?

He had the most atrocious stats I have ever seen in my life. In fact, he was only good at one thing, which was punching. Couldn’t even help with the farm or anything because he was ‘incapable’ of doing so. Any sort of skilled labor just wasn’t his thing.

Still, I decided to tidy him up, and try to recruit him. After all, you may be only good at one thing, but we sure as hell need a janitor to clean these dirty as hell rooms, since the dirt and grime was pretty much off my pawn’s moodlet bars.

Few hours go by, and I’m already invested into this brawler janitor guy. You see, my colonists wanted everything. They wanted a good looking bedroom, a place to lounge in, some horseshoes to play with, but not the janitor dude.

He was an ascetic. Gave him a garbage room with dirt as his floor and an awful bed. He didn’t mind it. No, in fact, he was happy with it. This guy pretty much never had a crappy mood and just did his work, no questions asked. Cleaned the kitchen, the dining room, the bedrooms, the farms, the outside, without a single complaint. I liked him. He was cool.

Our colony started booming. Naturally, when any colony starts to get rolling, they start rolling hard. And when the colony gets rolling, the money starts rolling right in.

You see, we were the biggest dealer in corn that the world had ever seen. Every time a trading caravan from a neighboring colony came in, we got ourselves a giant wad of cash for every harvest of every year. And with that giant wad of cash, as any functional human being would do, we started spending that on a bunch of cool as hell stuff.

Shield belts. Charge rifles. Bionic body parts. Gigantic statues. And of course, an EXCESS amount of chocolate. Because why the hell not.

Well, of course, since we were pretty much balling on money, people started to take notice. And, unfortunately, not all of them were good people.

Pirate raids started to come in, and we fought them off every time. Every time we finished a raid, we’d go ahead, and try to recruit some of these guys. Some of them joined, others were still hesitant. Sooner or later, we had a massive prison size of 11 people, and 7 people as colonists. With that population, food was bound to dwindle, but I figured that it wouldn’t have mattered since we were in a tropical rain forest, where food was everywhere, and farming season was pretty much all the time.

I was woefully unprepared for the events to come.

Some other city thought that it was an absolute GENIUS idea to use their chemical radioactive fuel or whatever, and as it turned out, it wasn’t so genius after all. My entire region was poisoned. By toxic fallout.

Thing is, it’s impossible to grow crops outside in a toxic fallout. So my entire crop system started dying out.

Well, I figured, maybe we can hold out on food stores for a while, and I did just that.

Food stores cut in half after the first week. Toxic fallout wasn’t letting up any time soon, so I was forced to let go of the prisoners outside to fend for themselves. My colony was going to be eaten out of food, and I wasn’t going to let my colonists starve just to feed some idiots who do not understand the gloriousness of my colony.

Luckily for me, the fallout lifted right before our food stores would hit zero. Of course, right after that happened, I started hauling , telling my pawns to get to work farming right away so we would have food again.

Then, a ship crashlands straight into the north side of my base.

I had no idea what that thing was. It sat there for a few days, humming some weird crap, then I noticed that it was making snow. And killing plants around it.

It was the same god damned ‘toxic fallout’ thing, but this time, it was spreading from the ship.

I hated toxic fallout. It forced me to let go of all the prisoners I was about to recruit. It made me lose farming time that could have been spent farming corn.

So naturally, with my hate for this poison ship, I woke up my colonists, and then attacked the ship.

What happened next, I couldn’t believe it.

Robot aliens. Counted 4 super-sized centipede slug things and 5 scyther robot things. I have never seen robot aliens up until this point, so I had no idea what these things were capable of.

We started shooting them down.

The mechanoids were not fazed.

One of the scythers took a shot. Aimed it. Fired.

My best shooter instantly died as the charged weapon shredded his brains out.

I was forced to move retreat back to the base, where the sandbags were so they could take cover.

Meanwhile, the centipedes just arrived as reinforcements after the scythers were sniping my main defending force off one by one.

The centipedes started mowing everyone down; colonists died left and right.

The only people left at this point was the doctor, who was bleeding out fast, and the janitor, who was rescuing the doctor to the hospital.

In a last ditch effort to try to save what I had left, I sent my janitor to rush into the fray.

As he charged in, a scyther instantly broke his shield with a well-timed shot. The janitor cleanly swiped off the scyther’s neck, downing it, and then moved onto the next scyther.

A bystanding scyther, watching this take place, takes fire only to accidentally shoot his ally directly in the thorax.

With it down, he moved towards the last scyther.

This time wasn’t so lucky for him.

The fourth scyther sliced at his right arm, destroying it, as the scyther dodged his attacks, and sliced again at his neck, swiftly decapitating his head clean off.

In a manner of minutes, my entire colony was dismantled. The buildings were razed in an inferno, and all my colonists had died, save for one. The doctor, whimpering in the corner of the hospital; the floor soaked in her own blood.

I watched for the last few minutes as she bled out, and died right there. Alone, as the building around her burnt into ashes and crumbled.

I felt bad. My colony was short-lived. I thought I had it all. I thought I was invincible. Hell, I survived a toxic fallout. Of course I thought I was invincible. And I was so invested into that colony too.

So, I decided. This game is a god damn scam. What kind of sane developer makes me feel this emotion, in a video game no less? A crook, that’s who. For $30, you made me suffer. You made me addicted to this game, to the point where I have played for a total of 300 hours as of this review.

All I can say, Tynan Sylvester, is that you are a crook. A damned good one, at that.

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