Realistic Human Sounds

MOD Desc
Now Updated for the full release of Rimworld!

Are you annoyed by the fact of Pawns being unable to express themselves when they’re getting shot or stabbed?
Worry no longer!
introducing A Mod that adds pain and death sounds to most pawns.
Now Your battles will sound Realistic and Painful.
Most sounds are from the Battlefield series and rising storm 2.
Note that there are no seperate sound files for FEMALE pawns in this mod.
Unless someone can help find the code line that Triggers and targets female pawns only.
mod only adds;
Pain and Death sounds for human pawns.

Please load this mod last on your mod list to prevent any issues

Before you ask about what mod is for the characters legs & arms animation its from Facial Stuff 1.0

  • Love the idea and the sounds. I am throwing in with others on the female voices, however. That’s half my colony. I suspect that would take a bit of doing, but it would really add to the appeal of the mod for me. Thanks for the work for the Rimworld community, in any case! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • note` if you cant figure out how to specify sounds to just females then you could make the screaming ambiguous when it comes to gender. uh whats the word um.. adrogynous or however you spell it, this way it fits better with females and you have to avoid creating alternate female sounds and coding them in. not saying you have to just an alternative :p
  • Can you read? at the bottom of the description it clearly states ‘Before you ask about what mod is for the characters legs & arms animation its from Facial Stuff There was an unoffical update for the mod for rimworlds full release in the comments section, the user goes by ‘Teneb Kel’ At the moment.’ But the official Facial stuff has released on the workshop for 1.0
  • I get errors with this mod as well. I turned it off cause the game can’t tell the difference between genders for sounds. Then I got no errors. So it’s this mod. BUT, it looked like the errors are only something you get if you don’t have other mods, like a potential way for him to put in compatibility without needing you to download a new voice mod for each race you add to the game. So it should be harmless.

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