Shit Rimworld Says

MOD Desc
adds quotes from /r/ShitRimWorldSays to RimWorld loading screens

If you’re easily offended, please do not install this mod.

/r/ShitRimworldSays is a collection of the funniest (and often most gruesome) Rimworld quotes, taken out of context. I have absolutely no control over what quotes actually end up on the reddit, or get shown to you.

Automatically downloads the latest and greatest quotes from /r/ShitRimworldSays, and displays them on loading screens.

Includes an option to disable the gameplay tips that are usually shown.

For example;

Some quotes make no sense (often posts with images), and some are way too big for the available space. Not much I can do about it, sorry!

Please read this guide before creating a bug report, and then create a bug report here[]

All current and past versions of this mod can be downloaded from GitHub[].

All original code in this mod is licensed under the MIT license[]. Do what you want, but give me credit. All original content (e.g. text, imagery, sounds) in this mod is licensed under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license[].

Parts of the code in this mod, and some content may be licensed by their original authors. If this is the case, the original author & license will either be given in the source code, or be in a LICENSE file next to the content. Please do not decompile my mods, but use the original source code available on GitHub[], so license information in the source code is preserved.


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This is version 2.3.26, for RimWorld 1.2.2719.


New refresh button is awesome, but the button on the initialization (pre main menu) quote does throw some reference errors in mods that patch certain GUI methods – e.g. Better Workbench Management prefixes Widgets.ButtonImage and tries to reference some stuff that’s not instantiated yet (and won’t be until the menu gets loaded).

You know, with some AI, you could have it take the posts from redit for you, so if someone posts a new one, it’s added in! (The AI prevents more than ‘x’ sentences, and doesn’t add in stuff that is just ‘this is hillarius!’, but the actual quotes)Just an idea

Is there a way to sort of backlog or save some of the better quotes? Could maybe just dump them into a text file so your mod can grab them later. Then you could potentially add a frontend of some kind to let users choose their own content. Said content would also be available without internet. Just a thought. This mod was a good idea and is definitely something I didn’t know I wanted until I saw it on the workshop. LoL _

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