[1.1] A RimWorld of Magic 日本語化

MOD Desc
This mod adds a Japanese translation to ‘A RimWorld of Magic‘ created by Torann.

To make it easy on the common viewer, this game is very frustrating a lot of the time and relies a lot on RNG, but rewards smart and creative ideas, and has easy to pick up on mechanics and charming visuals. There’s a bit of wiggle room for error, but mistakes can start adding up over time, leaving you with a few raiders miraculously digging into your dwarven fortress — which may or may not be crawling with infuriatingly hard to kill bugs — then stealing your silver, and kidnapping your only doctor. Of course, it can be averted if your colonists could ACTUALLY BUILD your defenses, but hey.

Aside from that, the game is a lot of fun. The game involves scrapping together a colony from basic materials, then eventually surviving long enough to either escape the planet, or make a village to comfortably house your colonists. There’s a myriad of options for what you can do or where you can go, whether you’re a beachside colony, or one on a sheet of ice, you can make it work.

As for the technical bits, everything works pretty well. The controls are easy enough to use, the HUD conveys enough without being cluttered, and gives enough leeway to avoid frustrating the player. The soundtrack is really easy to listen to, letting you pause time and build your colony calmly.

But, I haven’t mentioned the cons. Oh boy, does the game have cons. The game can be incredibly annoying with how it throws its challenges at you. The mood system can cause serious complications, where your colonists will get into random fights because they don’t like their rooms, then proceed to violently kill eachother. Raids can end up becoming overwhelming, where you either don’t have enough in terms of defense, or you get horribly unlucky and end up with alien robots murdering your whole colony. Manhunter packs can catch you with your pants down, and now you’re stuck inside for a few days. Fire in a raid when you built your colony out of wood? Everything’s gone.

Not an amazing game by any stretch, but it’s terribly addicting, and will probably suck a lot of your time from your life. The price is a bit steep, but there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get your money’s worth.

Edit: I forgot to mention the modding and workshop support, but since it’s aside from the game itself, I’ll make it brief. The mods can assist with a lot of the issues mentioned, giving quality of life changes or actual additions like new weapons, new utilities, or can do so much as overhaul combat. However, if you don’t enjoy the base game as a concept, mods probably won’t suddenly change your mind.

Fantasic game!

This game is a colony builder. You crash on a far away planet with close to nothing and 1 to 3 colonists (Or more with mods!) and your goal is to try to survive, build a nice colony and then build a ship to get back to the stars!

So at first you need to secure your food supply and production, your place to sleep, your clothes for hot and cold weather, your security against raids etc.

Each of you colonist is a unique snowflake who is on the verge of breaking in a tantrum every 5 minutes when you start. You have to make them happy or things will get bad fast (like pyromaniacs who like to set fire to their own base!). Each colonist have 3 qualities (good and bad, sometime very very bad!) and they also have jobs that they don’t want to do.

You set the jobs priorities and let the pawns do their thing, hopefully in the order that you want them done, which is seldom the case. Those a.s.sholes often do completely idiotic things when you’re not watching… Well even if you’re watching. They can be numbnut some times which is hilarious!

The game is very deep with lots of layers. You can also choose the type of ai that you want (Like Randy Random who is going to not care one bit if he sends 5 raids one after the other in the space of 2 days, which no other ai would have done! He’s ‘Random’ for a reason!). You can also choose the difficulty and it matter. Extreme is for the vererans who played teh game a lot and knows all the tricks to survive and build faster. Also, they know which pawn to take and which ones to skip.

The only con i have with this game would be the graphic because they are a simple affair. 2D overview with pawns that looks like they come from the nintendo 16 bit days (80). Still, even the graphics are suprisingly useful and expressive for such low graphics.

P.S.: This game is in early access, now beta, but there is no bugs. This game works like a charm and is Release quality already. In fact, it is far more bug free and crashing free than most AAA game on day 1.
P.P.S: This game has 6000+ mods. Some of those mods change the game completely (Like the medieval mod where you start with no electricity and no guns, only swords and bows!). Some mods are simple improvments to the game, but some add much more fun complexities (Like the psycho mod which raise the quality of paws to 5-7 so they REALLY are unique and even more insane). Honestly never saw a game with so much mods that added so much utility. Nowadays i play my games with around 50 mods or more and it has never been better!

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