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Links to all my mods including non steam versions available at: https://github.com/jaxxa/JaxxaRimworldReleaseCollection/blob/master/README.md

Mod allows the Cooler to work as a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner. It can be used to Cool a Room as it can in the base game, it can now additionally be used to Heat a room, in heating mode it will output heat into its target room while dumping cool ait in its output. It can additionally be set to Automatic so that it will Heat or Cool a room to a target Temperature.
Additionally the mod adds a button that allows you to rotate already placed coolers in case it has been placed incorrectly.

This game is amazing. It’s so much more than a game, it’s a way to find stories through emergent gameplay. Hilarious stories. Tragic stories. Ridiculously stupid stories.

Once had a colonist bite his fiance’s leg off when he went berserk because he was trying to overcome a drug addiction. She proceeded to go into a murderous rage from the pain that night, and slowly hopped across the base from the hospital to their bedroom and murdered him in his sleep with her masterwork plasteel longsword. Then, a few days later, she went berserk from the horror of having killed her fiance, and while she was chasing down the colony janitor to try to attack my sniper got off a ‘lucky’ shot and destroyed her brain in one hit. They were buried next to each other in beautiful marble sarcophagi.

I love this game.

The learning curve is steep, the game is unforgiving and you will fail many times before having any hope of success. Yet, unlike most games, you will love getting dumped on by a singular rat, starving to death, or having one of your colonists burn your entire base down because he ate without a table. Killing and eating people will become normalized as you desperately grasp at the remains of your hard work. I’ve got 1,600 hours in this game and its still a coin toss as to whether I survive the first 5 days. Buy the game for the sake of teaching yourself to accept failure, learn from mistakes, and cope with some of the most ridiculous and frustrating scenarios and situations this game will throw at you. I rate this game 999,995/1,000,00. 5 points off for not having a built in multiplayer (stupid complaint though).

I was sceptical about getting this game when I first saw it. It looked like a game that wouldn’t appeal to me in any way. Well how wrong I was. I decided to pick this up from Humble and sat down to play the tutorial thinking it was gonna be a big complicated mess, well I was wrong again, it was fairly easy to grasp the basic mechanics of the game.

After a few hours of gameplay I browsed through the workshop to add some extra content and there is so much. This game now has me hooked and I have no life now, the game combines multiple genres to create its own unique survival experience.

Finally I love the amount of replayability that RimWorld has and the feel the unique game mechanics have, as well as the addition of multiplayer through a mod (which I have yet to play). This gets a 10/10 from me

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