Ram Ranch Space Branch

MOD Desc
10 Ram Ranch cowboys were transported to an alien planet, try to build a Ram Ranch or something idk

Your faction will be a New Arrivals.
Start with 10 people, chosen from 10.
Arrive in drop pods.
Player starting characters have a 100% chance to start with trait: Nudist
Player starting characters start naked.

Start with:
-Human leather cowboy hat x18
-Packaged survival meal x150
-Medicine x50
-Component x30
-Steel x500
-Wood x750

RimWorld is an excellent game that you can never discuss in polite company,

My first colony was on the brink of starvation by the end of their first winter. Their food was gone, and there hadn’t been any traders in some time. By spring, they were slowly fading, two of them bedridden from their hunger, one having a mental break, and two barely scraping by maintaining the colony. But harvest was near, so there was hope. Just as their crops were nearly ready for harvest, a blight hit. My crops, my colonists’ only hope, were gone.

They made it, but it was tight. Well, two of them made it. The others became food.

I learned something about myself that day. If nothing else, I learned that my normally good, ‘paragon’ play-style wasn’t going to work here. RimWorld just doesn’t work that way. This game has changed me.

What would sound horrendous in any other context is run of the mill in RimWorld. I put the corpses of my enemies in a special freezer and leave it open to my animals for free pet food. If someone has an addiction I need to break, I cut off their legs and leave them in a hospital bed for a few months. Even the fact that I make bionic super-soldiers out of colonists that specifically hate prostheses, while trivial for RimWorld, is pretty horrid in any other context. The same goes for drug cash-crops and human leather hats.

RimWorld is great. It has endless replayability and has an excellent modding community. It will pull you in like few other games can, leaving you wondering where the hours have gone. Just know that you will get funny looks if you try to talk about it with anyone.

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