[1.2,1.1,1.0] Girl’s Frontline: Sangvis Ferri Weapons

MOD Desc
Adds Sangvis Ferri weapons from Girl’s Frontline into the game. Artwork is drawn by Saru.
Currently, the 1.1 version may contain outdated weapon tags causing them to appear in the hands of pawns that wouldn’t normally have them. If this happens, please leave a comment with the name of the weapon and I’ll try to fix it.

Contents: -Dreamer Rifle
-Jaeger Rifle
-SWAP Jaeger Rifle
-Executioner Pistol
-Alchemist Gunblades
-Vespid Rifle
-Ripper SMG
-Striker Gatling
-Heavy Striker (SWAP)
-Guard Pistol
-SWAP Guard Gunblade
-Destroyer Launchers
-Beak Shotgun
-Inherited Weapon Arsenal
-Executioner Sword
-Brute Sword
-Gaia Launcher
-Intruder MG
-Architect Missiles

Upcoming Content: -None

Details Works with Rimworld Version 1.0. Theoretically compatible with 1.1. Haven’t tested it on older versions.

Work in progress, currently undergoing balancing and re-texturing. Should work fine with existing saves. Please leave comments for feedback. Will add more weapons to this mod as soon as I feel like the ones I have so far are good enough.

All SF guns should be available from the Fabrication Bench and require Pulse Charged Munitions to be researched, with the exception of the IWA.

Recommended Mods:
-ChJee’s Androids: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1541064015
-Girl’s 404 Frontline Not Styles Found: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1651177696
-GF Apparel: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1612746332
-No SF hairstyles and costumes yet, sorry!

As far as I know, this mod is made for vanilla and its not compatible with Combat Extended due to the way CE changes weapons. I’ll consider adding support for CE once I’m satisfied with the balancing and variety of weapons.

Known Issues -Not compatible with Combat Extended
-I haven’t touched the About.xml since I first uploaded this mod lmao

  • Honestly, I never played GF, so I am not sure which weapons you are talking about. Imo, they are op even by just getting some weapons that do drops from raiders or Traders in early game. All I need was a few spike trap, then I got some weapons that deal as much DPS and range as vanilla charge weapons, some of them even came with nice melee DPS. Pretty much one weapon fixed all the issue I ever needed for rest of the game, and I was playing as a few no research tribal pawn…. (Sorry for my very lack of knowledge with the weapons making this discussion a bit hard to go anywhere. However, I remember I got the weapon on the bottom right of thumbnail within the first year of my tribal naked play through. I believe it not only does good range damage but also melee damage iirc.)I feel like the average power level of the weapons shouldn’t be too over vanilla weapons’ level especially when they came with special utility such as melee damage already.
  • The ringleader weapons are designed to be powerful, yes. They’re meant to combat mechanoids. They also take a long time to build and are rather expensive. The non-ringleader non-SWAP weapons (Vespid, Jaeger, etc) are meant to be cheaper versions and conversions of Charged Shot weapons like the Charge Lance or Charge Rifle.
  • Thanks for all your support! A Jupiter Cannon would be interesting but I’d probably put it into a different mod with its own turrets- if it works the way it does in Girl’s Frontline, it would totally break any semblance of balance this mod has. However, I am planning on adding Architect’s Rocket Launcher and M4A1’s I.W.A. (After all, it is a stolen Sangvis Ferri prototype) as a exotic-tier weapons, hopefully those will have the firepower you need!
  • Okay, so, having double checked most of the values, it seems like the current version in 1.0 should be mostly compatible with 1.1, except for maybe the weapon tags. For now, I’m going to go ahead and make the necessary changes to the about.xml file so it shows as compatible with 1.1, and I’ll be working through the bugs as they come up.

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