Deep Core Miner

MOD Desc
A deep core driller capable of pulling out any non-rock vanilla material you want, given enough power and work by your pawns.

Created the mod to address the issue that the new deep drillers still have a limited amount of resources you can pull. For people who like to play long term that’s still not enough.

Required Deep Drilling research from vanilla core. Should be compatable with most other mods.

Allows you to mine for Steel, Plasteel, Uranium, Gold, Silver and Jade.

Requires a substantial steel and plasteel investment. Also is quite a bit power hungry. The acutal process takes a while, since you’re drilling deep into the core. To balance out the ‘infinte pool of resource’ side, your returns are fairly small, but given enough power and time you can create a fully sustainable industry for your colony.

Idea lifted directly from the Industrialization mod. All credit for the idea goes to eatKenny from the forums.


What are the requirements?

The base game. This mod does not depend on any other mods.

Are their any compatability issues?

None that I am currently aware of, and there ‘shouldn’t’ be any as this mod does not change any base coding.

How do you install?

Subscribe to the mod. Enable mod in game.

What order should this be loaded?

It can be loaded anywhere after the game’s core mod, as it doesn’t depend on any other mods.

Can this be used with old saves, or only with new games?

This mod does add a new jobgiver into the game. There is a known issue where adding a new jobgiver will break pawns who are active in jobs already. If you are running mods on your saved game, the chance of this happening increases. I suggest starting a fresh save game, but if you wish to use this with an old save and you do have a pawn (or pawns) who start behaving very oddly, one reported work around is to use dev mode (turn it on in options before loading the colony). Check your pawns to see if they are acting wierd (well, more wierd than normal…most of them are nuts to begin with). You can reset their little pawn brains by using the Tool:Down tool to down your pawn. After that, you can either heal them in game normally (hey, free experience for your doctor!) or you can use Tool:Apply Damage… select restore body part, and then select torso to completely heal your pawn (warning: This will also fix old injuries, if you with to preserve those, heal the specific body parts in order). This will get them back on their feet. They will have a negative mood because of the shock of pain. If you fully healed them it should wear off quickly.

Any Known Issues?

  • If you set the mining and/or work speed for your scenario to an insane amount (1000% for example) it’s not uncommon for your pawn to pull up 25k or more of materials when using the driller. This can cause minor annoyances (do you have any idea how long it takes to drop that many items in groups of 75?) to slightly more minor annoyances (the game might have trouble figuring out where to dump said piles and throw a warning in your console.) It’s not game breaking, but it can happen. Also, be advised that selecting the pawn and recruiting them will cause them to vomit all the resources in a circle around them….which is pretty funny, but also a huge mess that will tie your haulers up for a good long while.

  • ok so i realized something , its not that straight forward lol um so the heal and global heal options are weirdly located under pawn:apply damage forgot to mention that , once you down them they get some injuries jsut heal whatever ones they get manually using heal injury and global heal and then off set the mood loss for injury with a give good thought and your all set. sorry about the confusion. Pawn: down is right there on the front menu so thats easy to find. make sure to run with dev mode open for 5 mins to check for any addition error logs just to be safe , ive been running for about 20 mins now and its fine so far and hes back to work o problem . yay allan!
  • I really love this mod. It’s essential to long term play. But little annoying when I set mining zone, miners prefer to do real mining than drilling. 2500W wasted cause every miners are like to do so.Well, if there’s no way in game mechanic to prioritize drilling, I can bear with it. But the skill experience your miners get seems a little bit small.My miner has 18 mining skill drilling plasteel, and he can’t get more higher than what he already has. I did some math, and seems it’s gonna go down to 17 in few days later (well, he has to sleep obviously).Do you have a plan to boost it up? At least can’t be lower than the miner already has?
  • yeah I think the issue is that its trying to load from a string that has been altered, since youve added a job to jobgiver (which btw was one of the key string error messages) its unable to recognize the already exsisting job being performed because its loaded a completely new string where the instance isnt logged as occuring or assigned. my best guess sry to blow up your comment , feel free to delete all of it , but deff update the section you copied for the FAQ to include the Pawn:apply damage bit , the rest they will figure out cause it will say who the effected pawns are.
  • another update , just timed how long it takes before the game logs to many errors from bad work ticks and its about 35 seconds. so If you are unfamiliar with the debug menu and Dev mode you wont likely have time before you wont be able to interact with it anymore or the game crash’s completely , I would suggest sacrificing a pawn or 2 for the good of the save. Pawn: Kill is easy to find and you can multi click with it . either that or explore the dev mode in another save or something first so youll be able to do it fast enough , not the ost ideal situation but what works works. also its always good to regen the map mesh and unload unused assets on the far left side of the debug menu after making any alteration and before saving the newly debuged save.
  • possible work around is to maybe clear the assigned tasks at load up and then just have them reassign a second later? IDK im only an amatuer modder lol but creative with Debuging . , idk though cause that may not revert them to the new string like down/revive does. might not be enough. DOWN AND HEAL EVERYONE INSTANTLY ON LOAD ! injuries for everyone! XD hahaha and cool no rush on the faq im gonna keep messing with it a bit , its a great mod but it came out right after alot of people had already started new A 15 builds and ide like to help make it a semless transition . I hate restarting -.- as much as anyone lol

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