[RH] Faction: Coalition

MOD Desc
The Coalition is a multinational alliance that consists of operators from the UKSF, Warcom and Demon Dogs. After years of war with the Allegiance, there came a cease fire between their troops to take down a mechanoid invasion.

– Plenty of apparel options for customising your pawntypes
– Weapons from Rimmu-Nation (no mod dependancy, this is a standalone mod)
– Modern Warfare 2019 operator outfit sets
– Operator hairstyles from Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege and 13 Hours
(Set to spawn on Coalition NPCs)
– Coalition Scenario: Lead a fire team in helping the Coalition secure a new home!
– Coalition NPC faction
– You can wear an impractical tacticool softshell poncho because someone from Activision thinks its cool


– Combat Extended


– Camouflage and Stealth mod
– Military Furniture (Recruit Coalition operators and call them for reinforcements!)
– Multiplayer mod
– Rimmu-Nation Gloves N’ Boots mod

Credits to:
Saito Yui – TraderKinds.xml coding assistance
Mehni – 1.1 backpacks.dll update
Ods and BajtMe – For help with awesome apparel textures
Jecrell, Jdalt40, dninemfive and Spdskatr – For C# coding assistance and patches
Sarah Cracknell – Modern Warfare soundtrack
Activision and Infinity Ward – Modern Warfare

The first game I started with 2 guys and a girl and she went and married the mysoginist. Then later he go into a fist fight with another girl, and the victim TENDED to his wounds
This was the tutorial game anyways. I restarted
Second game I rescued a guy who happened to be an ex-lover of my married colonist BUT he’s the best cook. The first person to get food poisoning was her husband, then her.
In THIS current game I started with two guys and a girl again but the girl is asexual so the guys are always walking around with a debuff from constant rejection. FINALLY I bought another girl from the nearest village, hoping to end the pent up dick rage in my settlement, but I didn’t notice until later that she was SEVENTY.
Anyways, I was like, , she’s probably down to bone but she old.
Bad back, frail, walks slow.
Currently she is now my best gun, armor, clothing crafter and the only one badass enough to SKIN MY ENEMIES and COOK WITH THEIR FLESH
Oh and she makes meat suits with their skin, good quality.
I wish the DLC was also on sale.

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