[B19] Run and Hide

MOD Desc
Run and Hide solves the problem of colonists getting themselves killed by fleeing into unsafe places (i.e. away from the colony, into corners, etc.) by allowing the player to place a marker which designates a spot that the colonist can run to for safety. Colonists will flee to the nearest pre-placed bunker spot whenever they run into danger.

Compatible with every mod and can be installed on existing saves.

RimWorld is a great rogue-lite/micromanagement town/colony game that, if you love weird, strange, sci-fi elements in a brutal, but customizable survival setting, will be quite of fun for a long while. The game is very adjustable to all levels and types of play, from hardcore permadeath types, to peaceful base-building-only games. The science fiction flare is present in a space western fashion, with weird, bizarre elements throughout that give you challenges to work through.

On the plus side, it’s exciting to start somewhere new and explore, set up camp, and survive. On the other, it’s a little difficult moving once you’ve picked a location, so hopefully you get an interesting map the first time around. The combat is relatively simple, some information isn’t clear on things like range, damage, cover, etc., or time-consuming to find out. Often times your colonists will do really stupid things like throw a grenade at an enemy that’s point-blank to them, or doing work/using items you didn’t mean for them to use. You can restrict certain activities and items in your colony management, but I wouldn’t be surprised if many found it confusing to do so, given the large number of menus and categories for everything.

Customizing building is very nice and fun, altering your environment, learning your colonists’ strengths and weaknesses to provide a good defense, and loot is all decently put in, but at the moment there are two bigger issues for me: one is that when you reach a certain point, you’re kind of ‘done.’ Once you beat it, the replays seem very same-y, and I just get this feeling of ‘I’ve done all this before, just on a different map.’ Your mileage will vary, based on how much you like to set up different kinds of bases with the same stuff. The other thing is just how grind-y it can get at some points. Leveling some skills can take absolutely forever if your colonist, by chance, isn’t ‘into’ that skill, mining, healing, recruiting.. there’s a lot of waiting, and losing even just one colonist can spell doom for your town, but then again, that is part of the rogue-lite appeal at play. Lose, learn, and start over.

Updates are moderately often, and seem to add a decent bit each go. It’s playable and polished and fun enough that I’d recommend it.

Rimworld is both frustrating and fascinating. I start with the 3 colonist, and currently play on the ‘rough’ setting. I can’t make it past 40 to 50 in-game days…. yet. I’m challenged by raiders, man hunting animals, thunder, electrical explosions, starvation, diseases, mentally broken settlers, hypothermia, and the list goes on and on. In addition to the threats, and perhaps a bigger challenge, the work load of each settler must be carefully balanced or I risk having too many important task ignored.

Here are a few tips and things I have learned that may help a complete newbie:

1) A single settler with a knife should not be hunting boar by themselves.
2) Make sure you roll settlers of whom at least one has a high skill in mining, growing, cooking, and/or research. Both cooking and crop farming require a higher skill for some production.
3) You want a good miner, because I recommend choosing a mountainous area and burrowing into the rock for shelter.
4) Settle near a geyser for eventual geothermal power, but for now skip the solar and just build a fuel powered generator.
5) Build walls around all of your areas where power is either generated, or used. Keep powered appliances seperate from the living areas. When fire erupts (and it will), The walls will keep the initial explosion contained.
6) Firefoam poppers- BUILD THEM.
7) Be careful not to choose settlers that lack basic skills such as firefighting or dumb labor. If you do choose one, make sure the skill you are choosing them for is worth the trade off.
8) Automated turrets are great for fighting raiders, but expect that they will break down often.
9) I perfer to melee all combat situations. Shooting is a pain right now in this game. If you choose to use a gun or bow, you must first send the settler to stand closer to the target if you want to be accurate.
10) If a potential prisoner doesn’t have any skills that will signifigantly help you, don’t bother capturing them….. unless you want to wait for a slave trader to come buy them.

There is a lot more I could think of, but thats just a few things off the top of my head. This game rocks, it’s a lot of fun. Buy it if you like survival and resource management, you will not regret it.

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