[FSF] Better Spike Traps

MOD Desc
Spike traps have become less viable due to their high resource cost and their inability to be placed near each other. This mod removes the distance limitation and reduces the trap cost from 45 materials to 15. While a bit cheap early on I think the cost will probably put them in a decent place in the long run especially on high difficulties that see 100+ raiders.

This mod also adds a duplicate spike trap that can only be made of stone. The purpose of this trap is to lower the extremely high construction time of stone traps to match other materials making them viable for defence.

If the mod isn’t entirely to your liking its very easy to modify the cost or readd the distance limitation. You will however have to redo your changes if the mod is updated. You can find the mod located under


The file you need to edit is located under the Patches folder. Simply open the file in notepad and you’ll be able to modify it. Inside you’ll find each change as its own little paragraph. To change the material cost simply change the number inside <costStuffCount>. To readd the distance limitation remove the first 2 text paragraphs in the patch operation, the one with description and the one with /placeworkers.

You can maintain trees pretty easily in desert, tundra, and arid shrublands. It’s called planting your own trees. It’s really not a big deal. I’m doing it on a desert map in my current game. No room in your base? Plant them outside your base, it’s fine. Make like 2-3 groves and you’ll be drowning in wood in no time. Most maps end up barren anyway so planting your own trees is a good idea regardless of map biome.As for ice sheet? Really? No, that shouldn’t be taken into consideration for balancing the stupid spike trap. It’s an extreme, It’s not supposed to be easy or fair.And refunding X amount of material on trap destruction is not the same actually.Leaving the initial consturction costs at 35 means you need the materials up front first. It requires more work to make larger trap fields. The destruction refund would just mitigate the long term viability of using spike traps into the end game.

100% spring chance and 50 damage. Switch to wood. Wood spike traps are viable now.And stop spamming them into kill halls, spread them around map spawn points, or even just in high traffic map areas. They’ll get auto-blue printed to be replaced when they trigger. And it’s only wood.at 50 damage each that’s enough to down or severly cripple most anything that steps on it. Spike traps just aren’t easy mode anymore. For the first time I’m actually bothering to use IEDs as wel.I do agree 35 material is a bit much however, considering they demolish themselves.It’d be nice if they dropped some of their materials upon destruction maybe? 35 to make and they drop like 15-30 when used?

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