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Build structures from ancient times.

Original Author: larSyn

Original Description: Build structures from ancient times.

Ancient Stuctures adds ancient buildable items to Rimworld.

Ancient Concrete Barriers
Freestanding concrete barriers that make a good obstacle, but also provide cover from fire.

Ancient Barricades
A wall version of the barrier. Provides good cover from incoming fire.

Ancient Lampposts
An exterior lamp post that can be refueled.

Stone Fire Pits
Like a campfire, but doesn’t disappear when it runs out of fuel.

Stone Walls
Ancient walls made from piles of rocks. Make great field dividers.

Ancient Roads
Build Broken Asphalt and Packed Dirt roads.

Thanks to jamaicancastle for all the help.

License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0[]

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This will definitely be a doozy to review. If you’ve played Prison Architect, RimWorld will seem familiar. There are a few major differences, but one major one stands out the most : the player manages colonies rather than managing Prisons. The other is the insane amount of inventory that is available. Some Gamers will like the variety in choice, some will just find it pointless. In short, the game provides a fun colony building experience with a lot of random events. The trade-off is the steep learning curve (with inpatient Gamers) and a necessary commitment of time.

RimWorld is a ‘city builder’ type game with quite smooth gameplay all around. The game has a very tedious system and rightfully challenges an unprepared player. The player first starts out choosing one Storyteller from a list of three. The Storyteller will decide the type of game. peaceful stretches after near-cataclysmic events to increasing level difficulty. From the storyteller menu, the player then jumps into character categories. This is the single most important part of the game as it will decide the cohesiveness of the colony. Characters can be strong in abilities, but can have negative traits. Negative traits come from previous injuries to tantrum cases. With the negative of course comes positive traits as well. I should mention I played the game without mods first and found the random character selection to be quite helpful in finding suitable colonists. Once the mods were turned on, all my colonists were perfect… Mind you, this was after 30 hours of playing the game.

From the character creation screen, the player then jumps into choosing a suitable landscape to settle. This, like the previous steps, will decide how the gaming experience goes. Choose a rough landscape, land a difficult challenge. Choose plains that are plentiful with animals and fertile soil, and you’ll have a great time. This happens on a world map view that can be later accessed while playing the game. Initially, the player chooses a spot to set up on the map. After that, it’s colony setup time! Only 3 colonists are only available to start with, which means a lot of work is in their futures ahead! Balancing schedules and allowed zones comes in many forms. Custom zones can be created and unbalanced schedules lead to extra stress, which ultimately leads to less progress.

The game does lean on a decent amount of micromanaging. If your a tedious Gamer that likes to dabble in literally every aspect of the game, RimWorld opens that opportunity. After the ‘honeymoon’ phase of the game, either you’ll like the concept or you’ll start getting a little furious with the amount of time put into a colony, only for it to fail later. I didn’t jump in the deep-end in my first run, but I did have to turn the difficulty down just to get my foot through a door. I was raided by enemies who had far greater weaponry that I had access to (or even imagined that was in the game). This is where some Gamers will enjoy that potential dangerous challenge, where others will find it difficult to devote that much time into whatever potential progress can be made. The challenge doesn’t stop at your settlement, other AI will come as friendly traders or even potentially enemies. Trading caravans can be sent out to do business, but sometimes the cost of business can be expensive. Again, the whole game has a lot of little tiny management and small details some might not notice. Is food or animal flesh rotting too fast? Did you ensure that there is a fridge available with a cooler that keeps the food frozen? Did you forget on the other side of the freezer, heat escapes? Is maybe that the reason why citizens can’t sleep without being overheated at night? Lot of little mysteries and puzzles and a lot of game to figure out.

The visuals and graphics are almost the same as Prison Architect. It seems that a little more detail was added, depending on where one looks. The animals sort of glide across the screen along with citizens. Don’t expect major animation, but the game does give a good representation of what is happening. To be quite honest, I have a pretty solid setup of a PC and here I am playing this game… should tell ya something about the graphics not interfering with my gameplay experience. The sounds and music are okay at best. I found that the music often repeats itself to the point where I get irritated. Hearing that guitar and whistle at the beginning of the game was great, it got quite old quite fast over time.

Overall, the game is good, but I feel just takes too long to get the ball rolling. It feels like it takes too long to get setup and explore the vast world. It is an awesome game that has a lot of planning, which is the right game for such a person looking for a challenge that entails that criteria. The random events make the game exciting as the player may not know what to expect next. What took some of the fun out for me was the daunting process of moving forward, trying to make progress with an hour passed and not much accomplished. Then, when you think you have the material you need, something new that you have no idea exists that somehow you need to figure out how to get. I spent a decent amount of time on Google with this game, just be aware, you might too. I’ll recommend it – with caution (if you’ve managed to read all of this)!

RATING : 7.3/10

GameplayBStory / CampaignC+Visuals / User InterfaceB-Sounds / MusicC+Replay-abilityC+Overall B-

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