Combat Shield Patch for Apex:Rimworld Legends, Quickdraw and Laser

MOD Desc
Although Combat Shield have patch for Vanilla Weapons Expanded, all the other mods doesn’t have the patch.

Therefore, I added Combat Shield support for Apex:Rimworld Legends, Vanilla Weapons Expanded – Quickdraw and Vanilla Weapons Expanded – Laser. Now Shield can be used with sidearm sized weapons in those mods!

Works even if you only have one of two of the three weapon mods! (Probably)

This game. This game is just fantastic.
It is very simple, yet it has such deep replayability.
You control every colonist, yet it makes sooo many interesting stories.
It seems like it is easily modded, the game is lightweight, and it has a great community.
Takes no space, and you don’t even notice it unless you’re playing it.

-Decides to do a naked brutality
-Does fine
-Entire infrastructure down
-Still alone
-Got electricity
-Still alone
-Gets raided
-Survives easily
-Out hunting
-Wild caveman comes along
-Tries to tame
-Caveman gets mad because he no like bacon
-Decides to beat poor colonist girl to a pulp
-Goes over and eats the carcass
-Colonists girl just lies there
-Caveman looks at her
-Caveman leaves
-Colonist dies

10/10 Would die to a random supposedly weak creature again

I’m not the one for writing reviews, so the fact that I’m writing one for RimWorld is a feat in itself.

What is it? It’s a beautiful mixture of Dwarf Fortress, Prison Architect and the hardiest survival simulators available. Hell, even The Sims might be compared to this. Tynan Sylvester’s hard work, sweat and tears have poured into this beautiful piece of software, to create an incredible, awesome digital experience. With each update – some frequent, some otherwise – I find more and more reasons to return to this game, if only to try and survive as long as possible. Build a huge, advanced bunker. A village. Get as rich as possible. Murder everything. Construct a spaceship and escape. You’ll be reeling with sadness as your favourite settlers die off in accidents, friendly fire, if one of your miners discovers an ancient tomb filled with murderous robots.

I cannot recommend this game enough.

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