Kurin, a bad translation 1.0

MOD Desc
My bad translation thing for the Kurins, you will obviously need to have the original Kurin mod. Load this nice little blighter before it to get that sweet English honey.

There are a few bits and bobs I haven’t done yet, but the Kurin backstories have all been done as well as appeal and research. A few thing things that I haven’t done from the original mod is put capitals where they should be, or put any text where it says translating because I don’t know what is suppose to be there, or I’m lazy, that is also a thing.

The owner of the original mod is more than welcome to use anything I have done in the base mod. I just want to be able to have my many tailed fox girls in rimworld. I did fail miserably to make a mod similar ages ago and that is why I decided to put in the effort to do this. If you wondering why I didn’t take part in the ‘official’ translating stuff, maybe its because I’m Rambo, maybe its because I’m Marbo, maybe it because I’m a bloody battering ram that’s what I am!

Edit: 1.0 Only, Im making a 1.1 version soon, bar any life threatening events.

thanks ! Youre a boss!Since the authors of Kurin dont have time to update it anymore (and im massively grateful for what theyve already done, the new mod is amazing. I mean, pawns that blink?!?! What is going on with the world?!?), but since they cant do fixes, I was wondering if you might know how to? Because Ive found some issues already. I know its probably asking a lot so feel free to tell me to get lost, Im purely just wondering. Thanks for working on the translation!

On one of the two Kurin mods there is a comment by its owner from january saying they are going to do a big update. Im guessing they are still doing that. They might release a 1.1 version early if we are lucky. This mod will have to stay at 1.0 version until the main mod updates and probably doesn’t need anything done to it as its just language files. If we are really lucky the promised features of a translation in the original mod will be apart of a future update making this mod defunct. If it ever gets updated at all. If it doesnt get updated I might learn how to update and edit mods properly and do it myself. But lets hope that will never come to pass.

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