No Comms Console Needed For Incidents (in Vanilla and More Faction Interaction)

MOD Desc
Patch/submod for RimWorld to both:

  • Remove the powered comms console requirement for some of its incidents.
  • Allow the silver that is needed for some of its incidents to be in any storage/stockpile rather than within the range of trade beacons. That is, it uses the same ‘what items are reachable to be sold’ logic as in-map trading with visiting trade caravans.
  • This was originally a submod for the More Faction Interaction (MFI) mod but is now being generalized to patch vanilla incidents and potentially other mods. It no longer requires MFI to be active.

    This is primarily to allow medieval/tribal-only playthroughs to have full access to incidents that normally require comms consoles.

    The following MFI incidents are patched to both remove the need for a powered comms console and allow the silver fee to paid from any storage/stockpile (rather than near trade beacons):

    • [Vanilla] Ransom demand
    • [MFI] Mystical shaman
      • Now also works even if the healer mech serum item definition is removed by a mod (such as the Lord of the Rims – The Third Age mod).
      • Also patches the requirement that there must exist a non-hostile neolithic (tribal) faction (that the shaman belongs to) such that only a non-hostile non-player faction of any tech level is required.
    • [MFI] Roadworks
    • [MFI] Reverse trade request
    • [MFI] Pirate extortion
    • [MFI] Wounded combatants (allied faction involved in faction war requests permission to arrive with wounded)
      • Note: Pawns still arrive in drop pods, and the dialog still talks about transport pods, radios, mortars, etc.

    This mod also currently patches meat determination logic (ThingDef.IsMeat) to take into account meat subcategories, which fixes the MFI bumper crop incident sometimes rewarding meats in such subcategories (e.g. salted meats in the Lord of the Rims – The Third Age mod). As this particular patch is only tangentially related to this mod’s purpose, it may eventually be moved to another mod (ideally to the mods that introduce such meat subcategories).

    Compatibility Should be safe to add and remove from existing save games.

    Should be compatible with other mods, as long as they don’t patch the same incidents (and even then, it’s still possible they’re compatible).

    Note: Any mod, which patches the behavior of ‘what items are reachable to be sold’ code of in-map trading with visiting trade caravans, will not patch this mod’s ‘silver in storage’ code. This is due to the latter code having to be copied and modified from the former, for various reasons, to make it work for this mod.



    You are not supposed to play this game to win it. You are not to expect that it will let you ‘beat’ it. Hell, you aren’t even supposed to have a chance at survival at all.
    This game hates you with every bit of its existence. Its unfairness will test you until you fall. Its goal is to break you until you are sure you cannot be broken, before it snaps you like a twig.
    Its purpose is not something to be taken as sport.
    You are not supposed to best this game. You do not play this game.
    You experience it.
    If what you are looking for is a game you can overcome with perseverance and ingenuity, then leave, as the only way to beat it is to cheat it, and that’s not fun.
    But if you want what can only be described as an experience worth having, in the form of overcoming hardships, drama of community, naive hope, twisted insanity, and crushing despair…
    Welcome to rimworld… prepare to die…

    Rimworld is a excellent title, Forged through years of passion both on the developers side and the communities. the base game provides an excellent starting ground, and i recommend everyone plays atleast 5 attempts before bringing on the mods, just to trully experiance what this game has to offer. After your 5th game i recommend you go and find mods that you think will expand the experiance. this game provides a limitless amount of enjoyment and though the price tag seems rather high for a game of this style, but i will tell you here that this game will take up loads of your time.

    ill tell you from personal experiance that at first i didnt like this game i found its brutallity disheartening, but once you let go of that idea and take it for what it really is you will find the game signifigantly more enjoyable. this is the reason my self and tens of thousands of others absolutly love this game and what it does

    One of the best games that I have recently bought.
    Cons: No native multiplayer (Note there is a mod though, but I have not tried it. Ill edit this will feedback once I do) 🙁
    Complicated but not the bad complicated. Simple to start. Hard to do well.
    Literally makes a random detailed story. I had a literal family that was trying to survive.
    Raw as hell. My colony got attacked and one of my important colonists got a collapsed/lost lung from the fight. This made it super hard for them to be productive, and I felt bad. So…. got attacked again by raiders and captured one of their survivers… and as one does, I had by top medical colonist harvest a lung from the prisoner and surgically implant in the orginal colonist. No the prisoner did not survive lol.

    I never had a game that made me sit back and think WTF have I done?!?!?
    10/10 Would harvest prisoner organs again

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