Simple Sidearms Fire Extinguisher Fix

MOD Desc
*** This fix has been incorporated into the mod Simple Sidearms and thus is no longer required. ***

Temporary simple harmony fix for fire extinguishers not to be selected in combat by Simple Sidearms Mod but still allowing it to be used as a Sidearm.

This is all that this mod provides and does not change anything else in the Simple Sidearms process.

Fire Extinguisher (by Pelador)
Vanilla Weapons Expanded.


Pelador’s Discord

(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

After over 10000 hours of play time. I recommend this to anyone looking to lose almost a year of their life. The base game is one thing, it’s a nice engine, but that’s not the game, the mods, THE MODS! oh my god, the ultimate number of options, whether it be for just giving yourself everything and cheesing it all the way, or dropping yourself naked on an iceshelf and being chased by zombies over half of creation.

I never refer to the game by name. it’s always called ants. because it mostly reminds me of an antfarm. The worst thing about the game is the name, which makes others think you’re playing something that should probably be 18+

add to this the multi platform compatibility, the cloud synch’d saved games. And despite the impression from the graphics, this is a very polished product, I am proud to have bought

I put 110 hours in this game in the 10 days I’ve had it.
I saw this game when it was on greenlight and was planning on buying it the instant it got greenlit but I’ve learn to become cautious around games with ‘Early Acess Game’ plastered underneath. I can’t believe they still call this game early access. Most developers don’t even finish their game, let alone go above and beyond like Ludeon Studios is. This game by all means plays as a fully complete and functioning game. It’s so much more than I had hoped it’d be. If any of the screenshots or videos of this game interest you I highly suggest you buy this game. Absolutely worth it at full price and you’d be an idiot not to buy it on sale. Guarenteed hundreds of hours of great fun. If you aren’t very great a micromanaging it’ll take a bit to learn but learning’s half the fun.

>Get attacked by a gang of pirates
>Hard fight ensues
>One of them survives badly hurt
>He seems like a pro, worthy of saving
>He is cannibal though
>I put him in prison
>He feels bad that his pirate friend died
>I carry his dead friend in there
>He’s still fresh
>I lock the door and not feed him for 2 days

This f*** game, man. Brings out the best in us.

Now I’ll list the negatives.
– Some of the mods should be implemented in vanilla (although I do appreciate the HUGE workshop activity)
– UI a bit hard to learn (but you get used to it)
– Small details need to be listed so we don’t have to wiki so much
– Few more things like large maps being glitchy (optimization?)

Rimworld is one of the best games I’ve played lately. 9,5/10

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