Conduit Deconstruct

MOD Desc
This mod was designed to help those players, like myself, that find it annoying to have to delete a single power conduit at a time.

With this mod you will be able to not only view your entire power grid (like the blue lines that show up only when using the ‘Place Conduit’ tool) but also designate mass amounts of conduits to be deconstructed.

It is a very simple concept that I believe will be very useful to players out there like me.

OLDER VERSIONS: All versions of this mod can be found at the link below.

Compatibility/Save Game: This mod should be compatible with ALMOST all modded conduits.

This mod has not seemed to cause any issues with any known mods. (Will update if any are found.)

This mod does NOT require a new save game! It should work just fine with any current saves.

Side Note: This is my first mod I’ve ever created..ever. Please feel free to leave ideas and comments.

Special Thanks: To the friendly people over at the RimWorld Discord server for helping me out with this mod!
To T-REX for lending me a hand in the B18 update!
To TrashedDT for cleaning my code and helping add support for his Industrialisation Mod.

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Okay, checked debug log, yellow error:Multiple nets on the same cell (146, 0, 167). This is probably a result of an earlier error.Verse.Log:Warning(String, Boolean)RimWorld.PowerNetGrid:Notify_PowerNetDeleted(PowerNet)RimWorld.PowerNetManager:DeletePowerNet(PowerNet)RimWorld.PowerNetManager:TryDestroyNetAt(IntVec3)RimWorld.PowerNetManager:UpdatePowerNetsAndConnections_First()Verse.Map:MapUpdate()Verse.Game:UpdatePlay()Verse.Root_Play:Update() Two power nets on the same cell (146, 167). First transmitters: Power conduit and Power conduit.Verse.Log:Warning(String, Boolean)RimWorld.PowerNetGrid:Notify_PowerNetCreated(PowerNet)RimWorld.PowerNetManager:RegisterPowerNet(PowerNet)RimWorld.PowerNetManager:TryCreateNetAt(IntVec3)RimWorld.PowerNetManager:UpdatePowerNetsAndConnections_First()Verse.Map:MapUpdate()Verse.Game:UpdatePlay()Verse.Root_Play:Update()

Kayedon – Thank you for posting the error. I didn’t run into this error at all while testing, so I am not sure what is causing it just yet. No code changed at all from the update either (just some file structures) so I can’t even say for sure why it would not be working any more since the 1.2 update. I will do some testing and see if I can figure out what is causing the error.In the mean time please try removing any modded conduits and testing to see if the Conduit Deconstruct mod works correctly with vanilla conduits. Then start adding modded conduits back (one by one) to see if it is a specific modded conduit that is causing the issue.Thanks again.

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