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MOD Desc
First of all, this mod is a small update of the mod ‘Halo : Outer Colonies’ created by Elando, so all credits go to him for the original work he did.

B19 version.

So basically, this mods brings you 3 armors in Rimworld:
-Marine Armor: A bit weaker than a full flak armor but cheaper too, also provide an accuracy bonus because of the helmet. Transport Pod research required.
-ODST Armor: Stronger and more expensive than a full flak armor, it provide a better accuracy bonus than the marine helmet. Transport Pod research required.
-MJOLNIR / Spartan Armor: Stronger and more expensive than a power armor, it provide a speed bonus, carrying capacity bonus, work speed bonus and a better accuracy bonus than ODST helmet. Powered Armor research required.

Should be save game compatible.
They are craftable.
Traders can sellthem.
Enemies can spawn with them.

I haven’t tested it a long so any feedback would be appreciate. I’ve tried to not put so overpowered stats for the Spartan but it could change if community want to.

Weapons used in the screenshot are not included in this mod, they come from ‘Halo – Weapons’ mod by O Negative: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=844351752

  • Nice mod but multiple independent layers of armor are far superior in terms of protection compared to a single item. Power armor had worse effective protection than regular clothes. It was only viable because neck, arms and legs couldn’t get multiple clothes layers. It got armor ratings buffed along with the rename to Marine Armor but underlying problem remains.I strongly suggest Thick Armor mod to go with this mod.Real problem that is directly affecting me is unsuitability of the armor for low temperatures. ODST are hell jumpers operating in extreme conditions but their advanced armor can’t handle temperatures below -9C(normal quality). Average temperature in my colony is -25C Since it occupies all layers there is nothing I can do to make it viable as battle armor in -35C to -60C fights.
  • Just got full excellent suit of MJOLNIR armor. It scales better with quality than I expected. Solves temperature concerns quite well. Masterwork suit should protect down to -55.ODST armor is a no go for me. -21.5 at masterwork level is only good for summer I guess it is unfair of me to compare it to much harsher modded conditions.It is good against vanilla enemies. Stronger modded enemies with more powerful gear as well as armor conflict with modded nanosuits make it less viable. Unless you make it act as multilayered armor. Each independent layer have independent roll for dmg intercept, which is quite more important than very high protection stats. Well, unless that mechanic did change in B19.
  • Yeah, I have to agree with clay237 – yeasterday I was raided by batarians who ALL weared that armor. Not that I coudn’t beat them, but that was pretty early in the game and there were too many of these xenos cosplaying Master Chief. Is there a way to reduce or disable them spawning with it?Cpt. rex & Flormich,Well, your soldiers aren’t SPARTANs, they’re just some random people with fancy armor. Wait for someone to add genetic/bionic+ mod and then make some real SPARTANs. :)PS In the meantime, I have real Adeptus Astates with real power armor AND new organs 😛 For da Emprah!One more thing.Flormich, If you want to make your mod more lore-friendly, you can also add Shield effect to that armor. Still, I’m not sure if that effect can be moded without disabling ranged combat.
  • Full normal MJOLNIR armor is good down to -32C which is about equal to vanilla marine armor with a good button-down shirt, but worse by 4-10 degrees compared to the best shirts easily obtainable at endgame.I did not make comparisson between better qualities.can you please take a look at those values?It would be nice to have a feature to tweak armor in maintenance workbench. Like add thermal module, CBRN module (would be great if it could be integrated with some popular mods introducing radiation, like rimatomic), rucksack for higher carrying capacity in exchange for speed to be used for battle quests and so on.
  • ON MY LOCAL copy.I BUFFED THE INSULATION, really this was needed, especially if the ODST armor is going to claim in its desription to have internal climate controls XD.CB armor- got buffed to 28 (so base -28 C)ODST -got buffed to 48 ( so base -48 C)Now Mjolnir in halo lore supports them in space (near -270C) so i figured we want at least near HALF that.Mjolnir -buffed to 110 (so base -110 C)I also removed the skin layer on ALL armors, and did tests with legendary clothing of the highest armor, and frankly that would be tough to do (especially without mods) and it was actualy fine.Even a poor steel Knife got a lucky hit or two from a raider. 4 damage each hit spread across two body parts. which was masterkwork Mjolnir, with legendary buttondown hyperweave shirt. So these changes are fair and still in line with halo lore, and power armor of the vanilla is still near parr, on stats vs cost. (as I saw in Practical testing).
  • I also remember my skin layer testing, and found that allowing skin layer clothing with the armors did not break balance really. the only thing to worry about is if you manage to get ONE layer to 200% or more armor, an at 300% your nearly unstoppable. (most things armor pen is 45%) and at 200% with no armor pen you resist all damage.last i checked the armor pen applies to each layer flat, so if you reduced 45% for the top layer armor and 45% from the clothing skin layer that is how it works.also each layer is checked individually on the resistance so they dont really stack directly anyways. Last i checked

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