Kenshi Apparel Pack

MOD Desc
Apparel from the game Kenshi.

Currently contains:

– 31 headgears

– 9 armors

These items are balanced to be roughly comparable to similar vanilla hats and helmets. Cloth, straw, and wooden items can be crafted at a crafting spot or tailor bench, while metal items require a smithy and the ‘Plate Armor’ research. Chain metal items are slightly better than plate metal items and take longer to craft, but do not require extra research for now. All items will also spawn randomly on vanilla pawns, with Tribal factions having access to cloth, straw, and wooden items only and Medieval and Industrial factions having access to all of the items.

August 12th, 2020 UPDATE: Updated for Rimworld 1.2

Please let me know if you encounter any issues, or if you have suggestions, especially with regards to stat changes for the various items!

I recommend using ‘Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats’ to ensure that headgear such as bandanas, masks and goggles don’t hide the hair!

Also on GitHub:

  • You could make it so that mask and clothing protect against special elements, like dust storm protection provides resistance against heat in a desert, gas and acid protection protects against toxic fallout, and things like that
  • Love this. A suggestion that i’d assume has been made at some point though would be a variety of backpacks. As they are kind of a huge factor of Kenshi, and Rimworld could really use some with solid art like this.
  • I just purchased some Ashlander Stormgoggles off of a merchant, and ‘no storage space’ popped up for me. I looked at all my storage zones, and I couldn’t find where the Ashlander Stormgoggles is listed. Anyone else experience this problem?
  • I don’t suppose you’re planning weapons… and then Kenshi factions? If doing that, I suppose the faction mod would have the others as a prerequisite.That would be interesting to have a lost-tech playthrough – a bit different from pure low tech as limb replacements are available and some other pieces of tech might exist in the world though not normally available without exploration, and even then in limited quantities.
  • Is it possible to have these items require the tailoring bench? right now they can be made at the crafting spot, which seems kinda strange since they are about equal to the regular ‘complex clothing’.Otherwise love the work. I know nothing about the show but the items seem well balanced and offer a bit of creative choice in the character’s looks.

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