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Order: Harmony – Core – Humanoid alien races – Android Tiers

This mod does work with old saves but will not spawn the new android faction unless a new game is started. Otherwise should work as normal

This mod recently merged with Android Tiers++ made by ARandomKiwi, as such – all the features from that expansion have been added into the base game.

This mod aims to add several tiers of sentient android colonists, robots, mechs and other features. In an attempt to vastly extend late-game colonies.

  • 2 New Android Factions
  • 70 Android backstories
  • 5 Tiers of android
  • Mech and 5 Mech Weapons
  • 5 Robotic animals
  • AI Skycloud
  • New Crafting Material
  • New type of mortar shell
  • Over 70+ Different parts / implants for androids
  • 5 Android Dog specific implants / parts
  • 4 Android specific diseases
  • Lots of high-end research
  • Custom body layouts for androids and animals
  • Artificial brain implants that alter abilities
  • Ai Persona Fabrication
  • 2 New Incidents
  • 5 Android specific ‘drugs’
  • Android specific capacities

Surgery on androids works differently than that of humans, requiring high crafting. The chance of success can be found within the stats of every pawn. Under the ‘work’ section.

Mech-Fall Transmitter: This is the orbital targetter needed to spawn the M7 Mech. It can be obtained from item stash quests and traders, similar to the way other orbital weapons are gained.

The Fractal Enhancement: A special pill developed by ancient archotech societies, when consumed by an android it will increase almost every useful stat per each use. However if a human consumes it they will convert into a fractal mutant.

Android Assembly Kits: These kits are useful for setting up colonies as they are only a fraction the weight of the android they can be assembled into, able to set up wherever and whenever.

Swarm Mortar: A Mortar filled with several small drones that will attack any hostiles on sight, can be made once T2 Android research is done.

Mechanite Storage Upgrades: Each tier of Mechanite storage upgrade increases or decreases health regen speed, with an archotech mechanite storage upgrade halving the time it takes an android to recover from injuries.

SkyCloud: Allow to digitize and store your colonists minds in supercomputers, from which you can control your entire colony.

(T5 Can only be obtained via the [A Strange Crash] Event)


Summary: a very quick, strong cybernetic dog even without upgrades. Useful for quickly taking down attackers without sending colonists out.

M.U.F.F Unit

Summary: a very strong robotic hauler that is very useful for caravan trips but not very useful for anything else.

Phytomining Unit

Summary: Named after the process that this machine performs; extracting the small amounts of metal absorbed by plants, refining it and expelling it in the form of long, spindly strands on it’s back and neck.
This faux wool can then be used to make resistant clothing or be refined into steel at an electric smelter.

N.Solution Unit

Summary: produces nutrient solution, a form of artifical milk that holds twice as much nutrition as it’s counterpart; actual milk.

Chemical processing unit

Summary: every 2 days will dispense up to 5 capsules at once, these capsules contain semi-refined resources within them that can either be further developed into chemfuel or neutroamine at a drug lab or refinery.

B18 Download link:
B19 Download Link:
Non-Steam 1.0 Download Link:

All parts require upgrade kits to install

Android parts / upgrades are made at the android parts table
Androids drugs can be made at the parts table or drug lab.
Androids / k-9 units are made at the Robotics production casket

Our Discord: +================ Click me! ================+ []

Special thanks to:
Uplinked for helping write backstories. More info on him can be seen HERE []
Trunken for making the workshop page look beautiful with his preview images.

Atlas’ Donation Page (Author of android tiers) []

ARandomKiwi’s Kofi Page (Author of android tiers++ expansion / 1.1 Update) []

  • smth went wrong on old save, everything froze and on not pause screen is black. I reduced mod number as much as possible and left with Harmony, core, royalty, humanoid alien races 2.0, android tiers, mod manager. launching new game drop pods with starting pawns are frozen in air, tribal start frozen standing (but screen is no longer black).errors log is continuously being spammed with stuff like:Exception ticking world pawn Jolle. Suppressing further errors. System.MissingMethodException: void Verse.AI.Group.LordJob_DefendPoint..ctor(Verse.IntVec3)…on tribal start its continuously :Exception ticking Asloulaxigo (at (105, 0, 133)): System.MissingMethodException: void Verse.AI.Group.LordJob_DefendPoint..ctor(Verse.IntVec3)…the other time with tribal start was smth with cryptosleep pods, its seem random.reinstalled mod (i think it did), reinstalled game, no change. With revia race mod, no issue.
  • I’ve checked the discussions section and can’t find an answer, but I just uploaded a colonist to the Skymind Core (using the VX2 chip) and I was kind of hoping he would be able to control multiple surrogates (like he would have had I splashed out on the VX3 chip for his old biological body), turns out he can’t even operate 2 turrets never mind 2 surrogates… Have I missed something here or is this just a weird limitation of being ‘omnipotent’?There is also a bug if you’re using Fluffys Work Tab where the priorities of ‘sub-jobs’ doesn’t carry over when using a surrogate. So I have a Dr who is only supposed to operate on humanlike at level 1 Priority and he doesn’t do any other ‘Doctoring’ job types, but when I put him into the surrogate it assigns the whole ‘Doctoring’ work type to priority 1. Just an FYI, I have a work around but wasn’t sure if it was a known bug?
  • You cannot upgrade or convert an android into a higher tier, i.e T1 into T2. However, you can (for example) ‘Create a Blank Neural Network T2 Android’ and use a SkyMind Antenna to upload the mind/personality/skills of your existing android (or human!) to the new one. You can also upload into an existing android, destroying his mind and replacing it.I have a really great T1 android doctor in my current (15 year old!) colony, one of my original colonists. I just uploaded him into a T5 body, wiping out that asshole personality the T5 came with. T5s all start out with the Intolerant and Psychopath traits, so they will just kill one of your colonists every so often, for no good reason. After I did the quest to recover the T5, I downed him and put him in a cryocasket, planning to replace his personality once I’d researched SkyMind and built an antenna. Worked great! Lovin’ my new super-surgeon!
  • cheers for the clarification, kind of feels as though a mind in the skymind core should be more flexible that a fleshy body lying in a hospital bed with a VX3 chip that has the ability to control multiple surrogates. I’m also not sure if I’m just using it wrong but there seems to be a lot of things that can connect to the skymind but have no additional abilities, is this just a side effect of how the mod recognises connectable buildings (i.e I can connect the TACS from Rimatomics but it doesn’t function as though it is manned). Yeah I get that the complexity of the coding involved in copying a pawns mind into another pawn or back and forth between skyminds and hosts etc must be immense, and not all mods can account for a dozen other mods that tweak/change minute details. I was just pointing it out as a ‘Maybe one day this can be included in your sweet mod’ suggestion 🙂
  • Right need help here. Started my game on 1.1 Got lucky and a dead trader dropped me a good 200 odd maybe 300 off they swarmer shells now from then until this morning I havent been playing about with the mod order or anything but when I alt tabbed my game back up my swamer shells have gone. all 80 odd that I have left gone! the game dosent mention them now at all but I still have the mini dead syths laying around and 1 round of left of the good stuff in my mortar tubes of which I have a good 5 of I think that all say I have these shells loaded. So wheres my shells gone? please help as I was more than mid game and when something I was enjoying is away then I tend to drop the game for a bit until I forget why I stopped playing it then spend another 2 days looking for mods rather than playing then when I do get a game going the game updates and fml lol. but aye love the mod and was blaming the CE guys lol cause naturally I was thinking ammo must be them lol

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